Thursday, March 31, 2011

Face Book -- Friend OR Foe?

“If it's very painful for you to criticize your friends - you're safe in doing it. But if you take the slightest pleasure in it, that's the time to hold your tongue - Alice Duer Miller”

I can remember when Face Book came out. I was addicted to My Space at the time (wow, doesn’t that seem so juvenile? Now) I was torn between both and the world of Face Book was so new – a little too “mature for me”.

Well a year into it and convinced, I finally signed on and became a Face Book Addict! My Space became a thing of the past and I began to connect again with the same friends on Face Book. Gosh, wasn’t it so fun at first? Posting statuses and pictures of your life with family and friends – and some people began to use Face Book more than email, so maybe it was the only way to connect.

Time has passed now, and unfortunately it seems not only has Face Book been used for good, but for some as evil too. Maybe not even evil, but are you REALLY friends with everyone you “Friend” on face Book? Granted – I am sure not. I have plenty of “likes” of many bands, shows and celebs that I follow, but my actual “friends”, yes I can honestly say, I consider them all just that – friends. I have went to school with you, I have worked with you, I have maybe even spent a night in jail with you (kidding), but the fact is, after all is said and done…though we don’t see each other EVERY Day, I bet you $5.00, I could call you if I wanted to talk – you have just portrayed that availability to me, and I am thankful.

What about the other “friends” on Face Book or other Social Networks? After watching ‘Social Network’, I see how easy and fast relationships spread on the “Network”. I once sought out to find people from my past – and quickly realized for my husband and I – those people are in the past for a reason and not meant to be sought out. I also quickly learned how funny it is to see those same people as “friends” on this social network, when in reality it is the furthest thing from that – ha!

In ending --- I as you, receive “Friend Request” a lot – I as you decline a lot as well. Are the ones you are requesting OR accepting as "Friends" for TRUE friendship or just a selfish request into connecting to the past or connecting to future for the wrong reasons? The saying “Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer” is so played out --- Keep your Friends Closer ALWAYS --- Just Saying…

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Helping Others Succeed

“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do - Edward Everett Hale”

Today’s word with Joel & Victoria goes on to say “In Scripture, the Apostle Paul would have never had the impact he did without a man named Barnabas.” “Barnabas stood up for Paul and used his influence to open a door with the other disciples. Paul went on to write over half of the New Testament.” “We don’t hear a lot about Barnabas. Paul greatly overshadowed him. But if you were to ask Paul he would say, “I won because Barnabas helped me win. I succeeded because Barnabas took a risk and opened a door that I could not open on my own. Barnabas believed in me when nobody else did.”

This was yet again another perfect timing for me to receive this word. Through my life, I have been helped by so many. I have been offered opportunities that have been so beneficial to me. I have many, many people to thank for all these doors that have been opened and the number one person being GOD…and it seems so many times GOD does get overshadowed in our everyday lives (me guilty as well), when in reality HE is the one that has had our lives mapped out since before we were born.

I feel that as gracious as GOD is with us, we should only strive to be more like him and always look for opportunities to help others as well to ensure they are bettering their lives. This does not necessarily mean by doing this with materialistic ways such as money, etc., it is as simple as mentor to someone as Barnabas was to Paul and take a risk on someone that is not able to open doors on their own and believe in someone when no one else does.

For me I have had a lot of people take chances on me and risks so to speak and I feel that I have failed no one. I strive to do the best I can in all that I am set to do…this is for my personal relationships as well as my business relationships. I however have made wrong decisions through my life and that is where the risk comes into play that may have been taken on when it came to me – but in the end, I feel that the risks that were taken were well worth it and I have come out more knowledgeable and full of gratitude just as the other party was.

In my recent years, I have been so fortunate to be blessed with a husband, family and friends that have taken a chance on me and instilled much trust and though there were times of disappointment and trials to overcome, they stuck with me and for that I am forever grateful! The same goes for my job – I have been so fortunate to work with such an amazing team of people whom I have learned from and continue to learn from that through the trust and confidence they have placed in me and me in them, I climb higher and higher each day in all that I do!

In closing, don’t immediately rule someone out that you might not know very well. Allow yourself to be maybe the only person that is available to this man or woman. The only person that is able to offer direction and open doors that will better this man or woman – be the difference in a person’s life – you will never know the impact that they can provide to you and others until you try.

XO Till Next Time

Friday, March 25, 2011

All "Hacked" Up!

“The only way to make a man trustworthy is to trust him - Henry L. Stimson”

So it finally happened! Mike and I were hacked! All these years we have gone safely and never had an interruption in any of our personal websites such as emails, banks, etc. Well today I received that dreaded email “Your password has been changed – if you were not the one to do this, please contact…” At first I thought it was one of those scam emails that say something has been changed to your bank so please send us your account number and so on, but it wasn’t, it was our MD Anderson website.

Because this website holds personal health information, contact information and correspondence between our doctors, I immediately called the MD Anderson website and reported the email I received and to my surprise, our password REALLY had been changed…not by us nor MD Anderson. I asked if it was maybe a monthly random act that the website does for protection, but it wasn’t…someone actually logged on and answered our personal questions and changed our password. Now granted the questions and answers were easy, so anyone who knows us could have accessed it. Well we have now learned our lesson and a few additional ones while we were at it.

First of all, again, because this is a website that holds such private information I did have MD Anderson investigate and they were able to retrieve an IP address. Unfortunately that is all they could provide, so we took it a step further. I spoke to the Houston Police Department and just as hacking into someone’s email, by logging onto the MD site and because it is a personal site and has email function, it is considered a felony forgery charge – wow! I had no idea! I submitted the IP address to the Police Department and we are awaiting a call now to find the results. Thank goodness for technology! I am not sure as to what our next step will be when we retrieve the information from the PD but Mike is adamant about pursuing charges if necessary.

Ugh! It’s such a feeling of violation! All I can say to all is, when setting up accounts, whether email or any others, be very specific and not so lenient when setting passwords or security questions. It is a shame to think that someone would do this, but you live and learn and learn we did. I hope this is help to someone who has been a victim and Mike and I know now in the future to be more careful.

Till next time…

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Take A Deep Breath And I Scream From The Top Of My Lungs WHAT'S GOIN' ON!!

“Prayer gives a man the opportunity of getting to know a gentleman he hardly ever meets. I do not mean his maker, but himself - William Inge”

Hi Everyone!

Well I first want to start off and thank you all for the prayers that you continue to send our way! As you have seen through previous updates, they are working and continue to work! Today is no different!

Today like all other appointments, I was filled with anxiety as always. I feel now the anxiety I have built up is just the reality of the disease. Though GOD remains so involved and continues to heal Mike, it may one day take a turn and GOD may need to change Mike’s game plan. As for now, his plan is for Mike to continue to heal from head to toe and be a living testimony of how great our GOD truly is – for this we remain so happy and our faith remains strong.

Today the Dr’s office was a little late and that just added to the anxiety as you wait along with all others, hearing different stories and testimonies – makes the mind wonder. Mike and I sat there and chatted and then they called our names. As we waited in the room, we said a prayer like we had early this morning, but not only were we asking for blessed results, we continued to thank GOD for bringing us this far and for Mike’s continued strength and the excellent team of doctors that he has placed us with.

Vikki (Dr. Tsao’s PA) walked in with all smiles as always and with reports in hand and proceeded to read us what they said. Now I like the way Vikki reads the reports it is the best…she never really reads directly off the report, she instead talks to us and explains each section and talks about how each part of Mike that has been affected by Cancer is working now. She went on to tell us that the reports are getting better each time we see them.

As of the PET Scan Mike had on Monday, the report today shows that the spots that were on Mike’s lungs (the original spots that were of the main concern when he was diagnosed) were GONE! YES GONE!! They have been the main focus of the chemo treatment and the original source of the Cancer – and they are gone! The only remaining Cancer that Mike is battling now is what remains in the lymph nodes and some of the bone area (which includes the spinal bone) and sternum. The Brain / Spinal Cord and Fluid remain Free and Clear of Cancer and NOW The LUNGS --- THE LUNGS ARE CANCER FREE!!! (Somewhat – excluding the lymph nodes that sit along the lungs).

Mike is still undergoing the clinical trial chemo every 2 weeks, which with how good he is doing is going to soon be spread out. With the results he has been given today, he will also be taken off the Mega-Super Chemo he has been on and will go to a preventative chemo that will be given with the clinical trial every 2 or 3 weeks (They are working in his schedule).

Days like this make the walking out of MD Anderson so much brighter and you can just feel GOD shining upon you when you walk through those sliding doors out into the parking lot – whether rain or shine! As Dr. Grove’s said himself at our last visit, Mike is a TRUE Miracle of GOD – and you know what? I do continue to believe him!

In closing, to you ALL Mike and I remain ever so grateful for all of you. We remain so grateful for all of the prayers, messages, phone calls, letters and all other communication we continue to receive. Mike remains so confident in this WILL BE HIS YEAR and He WILL be Cancer Free in 2011! Your prayers continue to instill strength and courage in us daily!

I will continue to keep you all posted moving forward as always and don’t feel I have to even ask for prayers – I know ending this letter as you are jumping for joy and Praising GOD, you are continuing to pray – For That we Thank you!

Till next time – XO Lyndie

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why? When? Where? What? How?

“For all of us…sometimes, in His orchestrated convergence of time and circumstance, He allows us to catch a small glimpse of understanding. Those moments are gifts to be treasured. But they are not a given – Lisa Whittle

Over the past few years I have become a fan of many blogs – Lisa Whittle being a new one added to my list. I love her view on all things.

Are there so many things that happen in life that we do not understand but yearn to? As a young child death is not something that I was too familiar with. I was fortunate to have both grandparents and great grandparents on both sides. My entire family I had available to me, I had not experienced anyone close to me pass until 2009 when my Grandfather went to be with The LORD. As I get older it seems more and more people I know or that are close to me are passing and though I yearn for understanding, I know that it is not always given and I am OK with this.

Not only is death something we yearn to understand or why it happens, but myself personally I yearn to know why many things happen. A friend of mine wrote today how her bed-time story with her little one has become more of a Q &A rather than bedtime. Ha! I can relate! My Hubby always laughs at me…I seek an explanation for it ALL! I was sheltered growing up and lack I suppose what they call “street smarts” and I am always inquiring as to why things are the way they are…why people are they way they are…why things happen the way they do. He is patient and if he has the answer, he is forthcoming and if not, he recites one of our favorite lines from Joe Dirt talking to Kickin’ Wing, “Well, duh, might as well ask why a tree is good? Why is the sunset good? Why are boobs good?” Makes me laugh every time!

I suppose that we will never KNOW it all nor understand it. This is GOD’s plan and though I DO want to know it all at times…I am thankful I do not. It keeps me sheltered and allows me to live my life with happy heart. I noticed the harder I tried to figure it all out, figure everyone out, I lost sight of doing what GOD wants me to do and that is to work on me…focus on me. My husband and I are my first priority and we learn things about each other daily and are together figuring it out along the way. GOD does not want us to focus on what we have no control of. It will drive us nuts trying to understand others and the world around us. I realized this recently and I have been the happiest I have ever been re-focusing my energy on myself and husband. We are far from being perfect and never claim to be, but know who we are and will continue to be true to each other no matter what.

In closing, I have learned a valuable lesson recently…Do not empower the negative in your life by trying to understand or talking about it…instead pray. Pray not for the understanding of others or circumstances, but pray for peace and thank GOD for the “Glimpse of Understanding” that he does provide and thankful for all your still have yet to learn.

XO Lyndie

Monday, March 21, 2011

RIP Frank Scott

“Some people are so afraid to die that they never begin to live - Henry Van Dyke”

And NOT living was something that Frank didn’t do.

Frank was one of the first people that greeted us that Sunday afternoon as Mike and I attended our first church service together. Just the day before, in our front yard, surrounded by 15+ Harley Davidson’s Mike gave his heart to the LORD and forever our lives were changed.

That day we were invited to church by a friend of Mike’s from work, whom had been asking us to join him several times, but we felt we were always “too busy”. This time was different and the next morning we attended The Biker Church of Manvel and our lives changed forever.

Greeted at the door was our friend and he quickly guided us to the front of the church where (our now Pastor) was greeting everyone and with a huge smile and open arms, he welcomed us to Biker Church and we grabbed a seat behind Frank and Judy. Frank’s jacket caught my eye. It was a beautiful leather vest with different patches from various clubs and such and as everyone hustled and bustled around us, Frank and Judy greeted all that walked by and I just watched.

Service started and before Pastor Dave started his sermon, we all were greeted by Frank as he stood at the front w/an introduction for the “first timers” and all other church members. It quickly became apparent that Frank was a jokester and the one of the church. He pointed out the offering plate in the back and reassured us that for your first time attending, it is only $100.00 and if you don’t have it, you can ask Frank…Well he goes on to introduce himself as Frank and ooops, he doesn’t have it either. It quickly caught on and eventually he had a huge 8 ½ x 11 Dollar $100 Bill he held with him when he said this…It was quite amusing and always got the service started off with a chuckle and a smile.

When we do not have guests singers, Frank and Judy are the ones who accompany all of us in harmony. Judy plays the organ and Frank belts out The Hymnals we all know by heart. A real treat is when they sing together…the melody of both of their voices is so amazing and give you chills and the lyrics flow.

The afternoon of our first visit to Biker Church, we were invited to a BBQ at a members home and it happen to be the day of baptisms. We had no idea that this would be Mike’s day. We made our way to the house and immediately were greeted by Judy offering sodas and seat to sit. Frank joined us and put his arm around Mike and said “are you ready”? We were not sure for what, and quickly realized he meant to be baptized. Mike was a little nervous, just because we weren’t prepared, had no extra clothes, etc…but with a huge smile, he said “sure”!

Since that day, Frank has been one our favorites at the church along with Judy. They are the kindest hearted people you will meet. They are the essence of true love and it flowed from their pores. Frank never went without speaking to us and wrapping his arms around Mike and I each time he saw us and never went without asking Mike how he was doing and really taking time to listen to all that was going on.

The day we received the news of Frank’s passing will be in our memory forever, and he will be missed greatly. We will continue to pray for Judy, their Family and Friends for peace during this time and know that Frank is in Heaven now, a place he spoke of often and was confident of going. Frank will not soon be forgotten for his beautiful voice and contagious laugh will forever be with us.

“Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me – Psalm 23:4

****Funeral Services for Frank Scott ****

Scott Funeral Home
1421 E Highway 6
Alvin, TX 77511-2573
(281) 585-1000
Visitation: 5 - 7 PM
Service: 7 PM - 21 E Highway 6

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Restoring Memories -- Courtesy of KISS!

Hi Everyone!

Well How Exciting! 20+ Years later at a KISS Concert (Courtesy of One of Vendors Who provided us Tickets for The Houston Rodeo), my Cousin and I shared something really cool!!

23 Years ago in 1988, she attended her very 1st EVER (not just Concert) BUT Rock Concert and It was KISS! Here we are years later sharing this concert together along w/Hubby and Friends and this was my OFFICIAL FIRST EVER ROCK concert! I Know, I know, maybe sheltered, but I just NEVER go to venues (as much as I like music), it Just always seems confusing, parking, etc…but being at The Rodeo made it a little bit easier – maybe?

Either way, it was a great night, fun had by all and not ever seeing KISS before, except from Videos and such, I was not biased and I enjoyed EVERY “Rock-N-Roll” minute of the experience! Something I will not forget!

Also, I did want to thank KISS for doing something so admiral that brought tears to my eyes! During the show, they brought up some military/army soldiers and thanked them for all they do and then proceeded to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Wow! The venue was in a roar and you could just feel the commodity of all coming together! Thank you KISS for that moment!

In closing, I just wanted to share some of our pics with you. Mike and I don’t get out a whole lot, and I am thankful for the time that was spent with Family and Friends at such a memorable event!


XO Lyndie

(Carol Ann's ORIGINAL Ticket From 1988)

(My Ticket -- 23 Years Later)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Free Your Mind -- Family, Friends & Learning to Forgive

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future - Paul Boese”

How ultimately true is the statement above? I recently wrote in a blog a little while ago, or a posted statement that I am choosing no longer to rent out space in MY head for useless things such as grudges, feelings of insecurities brought on by others and above all else, the ability to not forgive.

I can tell you this weekend spent with our Family and Friends at the lake was a joyous experience. As do a lot of you know along with my family – we are far from perfect. And now completing my family with Mike since 2007, we too are not and never will be perfect. Since Mike’s diagnosis, I have stated that I am human and things still irritate me, I still get mad and I still get hurt. The difference though now is, I let it go a lot easier and do not allow the space that can be consumed with much more important thoughts be consumed with anger, or the ability not to forgive.

This weekend brought a lot of light to my relationship with my family and ALL we have been through. There has been a lot of hurt, a lot of disappointment and to this day still some resentment felt by some. As for me, I have forgiven all and am moving on to my main focus and that is my husband and him becoming Cancer-Free. The little things, and I mean the little things – you know them as well, just do not pop out and I no longer continue to dwell upon what happened, what was said or even done…we are all human and we are ALL not perfect…no matter how much we try to put ourselves upon the petastool of being the judger and judging all around us – to you I simply say – it’s time to step down.

In our life times we are going to cross boundaries. When those boundaries are crossed, if we are truly loved or have the ability to love, we can approach this with an open heart and let those that have crossed us know that we may be hurt or disappointed and even set new boundaries, but always know that we too are human and we ourselves have crossed those boundaries – we all have…just as we don’t like to be lied too, don’t lie to yourself.

The one thing about family and is different than all else including friendships (though we all have friends it seems we like/love more than our own family at times) is that your family will always be just that – your family. Your family has been there since day one and will always be there till the end. Though we do not all have the relationships that we strive to have as one would like with family, we are just that and will always be. In the times that Mike are going through now, we have been blessed to be given the gift of forgiveness by family and friends, for not only what we have done to them, but we have been fortunate to return this and forgive the ones that have “trespassed against us”…as the Lord’s prayer states, let’s not only repeat in times of need, let’s learn to live by this prayer whole heartedly.

Mike and I doing great and the Family and Friends that surround us now, are amazing and they continue to be! This does not mean the ones that are not here right now are loved any less or forgiveness is not in our hearts for them just as we hope that it is for us too.

If you notice the longer you stay mad at someone or do not speak – can you REALLY ever remember what got you to that point? (Of course this is not for any unforgivable situation – and I know to each his own, but I speak of abuse, physically hurting someone or just an act of such hatred, you have no choice but to not forgive).

A lot of the mistakes we make as humans is not necessarily done on purpose to seek out and hurt someone…for those who do this – then that is a shame…and you should be thankful for loving family and friends who have forgiven…and here is hoping that one day, just one day you will learn this lesson and know the importance of the need for these relationships and that again, we are all not perfect, nor do we claim to be…

In closing, this weekend was time of reflection for Mike and me. It was a time that we will cherish forever; being in such a diverse group of Family and Friends that GOD has blessed us with and has promised to be ours --- Thank You LORD!

XO Lyndie

Friday, March 11, 2011

ANOTHER Presidential Experience -- Pretty RAD!

I Am Still Speechless!!! The Video (I still Cannot Figure How To Turn It RIGHT Side Up, BUT You Get The Idea!!

XOXO Lyndie

Paying It Forward

“If you have much, give your wealth; if you have little, give your heart – Anonymous”

Well in my case, I do not have the wealth, but I do have a huge heart just as my husband.

A few months ago digging around in some storage, I came across a picture – a life size painting that I thought at the time was a painting of Old Downtown Houston. I immediately grabbed it and excitedly took it home to Mike since he grew up in the Downtown / Houston Heights area. After a little research and contacting the artist that signed his name on the back, I was told that the picture is indeed a portrait of Downtown, just not Houston…It is Fort Worth.

Still, I loved the painting and had yet to hang it up. I looked into it a little more and noticed a company name on the building, Tindall Storage. It is a storage company in Downtown Fort Worth that started over27 years ago in this warehouse district and built their ever-growing company to what it is now. Since this, the building has been sold and restored and due to Mr. Tindall, he with the help of his colleagues were able to save the building from being torn down to ensure the preservance of the historic building that once and still does mean so much to him and holds so many memories.

I contacted Mr. Tindall today and was excited to know that he remembered this building and though throughout his business years, there were some rewarding times and some hard times as well and all those memories lye within those walls of this historic warehouse district building. Once I spoke to him, I could hear the excitement in his voice as he described the relationship with this building. He remembers this painting actually being in the artist’s studio over 20 years ago and like even the artist who I spoke with as well, did not know what had happened to it. I shared my story with him as well and how Mike and I continue to be so blessed, and after talking with Mike about the painting, we were super excited to find someone that would cherish for the pure value of memories and not just for decorative value.

I feel in a small way this is another chance for GOD to place someone in our lives and share our journey with them, just as he shared his journey with me about this picture. Is it not amazing how much Over Time GOD is working in our lives right now? It is very cool!

In closing, today is a day of tragedy for all in Japan and on the other coastlines. Please continue to keep them in your ongoing prayers. I have spoke to a family friend of Mike’s that is currently in Japan – her and her family are doing well and she will update soon. Thank you all for continued prayers for Mike and myself as well – as you know and can see – THE PRAYERS ARE WORKING!!

Much love to you all and a happy weekend!!

Sunday Drive - Daniel Blagg

Thursday, March 10, 2011

You Can’t Always Get What You WANT But You Get What You NEED

“The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available dynamic in its working - James 5:16”

I really love receiving these words from Joel Osteen daily. They are just the right pick-me-up and small enough to sit back and say “Thank You Lord” for providing me this for today!

Today it reads “God loves it when you come boldly to Him! When we pray with an attitude of faith and expectancy, it shows that we believe God and His Word and that opens the door for Him to move on our behalf.” How wonderful is that? It goes on to state “Scripture tells us to come to God with the faith of a child. It’s not that we have to beg Him, but our determination is an expression of our faith in His goodness. When we build our case with the Word of God, we are setting ourselves up to partake of His divine blessing.” Just as I stated in a previous blog, GOD does want us to ask and take advantage – The persistency only shows him that we believe so much in him to provide us with what we ask for and we trust he will continue to bless us with what we “NEED”, not always what we “WANT”.

I know I am completely “selfish” with GOD and I pray to him daily! I pray for it ALL! I know that I may not always get what “I want, But I for sure am provided UNCONDITIONALLY with what we need!” It HIS plan I must continue to remember…always!

Today I was approached by 2 women at the gas station passing out Church Tracks about being saved and finding the LORD. I graciously took the track and thanked her and proceeded to pump my gas. I noticed she went to a few other cars and they kindly declined the paperwork (and rightfully so, everyone has their own religion outlooks), but I did admire the women approaching everyone and not being afraid to profess their faith and speak of what GOD has done for them.

After I pumped my gas, I drove up to their car and she said, “I am glad you came back”, “I do not know you, but I have GOD telling me to keep you in my prayers”. I was floored and immediately had goose bumps. Any other time, I may have thought “Oh Goodness, ANYTHING to get me to visit your church or donate money”, but my views have changed so drastically in the past few months and my faith has become so strong, so I do not doubt anyone person GOD puts in my life for a reason!

I told her, “I appreciate this so much, and let me just let you know why.” I proceeded to tell her about Mike’s diagnosis, how he has come to the LORD, How we have grown stronger together and how we are truly blessed beyond our belief daily with all instances of our lives, and today being one by meeting her and her friend. I gave her my blog address and I hope she finds it and does read how awesome GOD has been in our lives and continues to be.

I will NEVER stop coming “BODLY” to GOD – whether it be small or large and for My husband to Be CANCER-Free along with other Family and Friends! I will not stop – I will continue to Claim Blessings from him. I will continue to praise him for all he has done and all he has planned for us!

In closing, do not be afraid to ask GOD for what you NEED, and even for what you WANT – GOD may just NEED you to have what you WANT!

XO Lyndie

Death To HSID Budget Cuts --- Just My Rant!

"The school is the last expenditure upon which America should be willing to economize - Franklin D. Roosevelt"

Granted I Am Not A Parent BUT This Breaks My Heart to Read & Follow This! I Dont Understand How They Can Cut Budgets For Schools & Yet Pay Over 1K A Day For Prisoners Who ARE Guilty Rather Than Save Tax Money & Execute Them -- UH! Charlie Manson & ALL The Other Crazos That Have Life Sentences w/NO Paroll! You Know The Cold Blooded Killers -- Oh No! Let's Keep Making Shows About Them And Glorifying Prison Life, So Everyone Wants to Commit Crimes & Get Paid!

Cutting Budgets and Lowering Classroom Days to 4 Days a Week - Maybe Help w/Bus & Transportation Costs, BUT What About Parents Who Dont Have The Luxury of Working ONLY 4 Days A Week & Now Have To UP Daycare Expenses, etc.

I Am So Not Political, But It Seems Our Economy Is Polluted & Going ALL Wrong Directions! I Know I Know -- If We Do Execute The REAL Criminals & Then Thier DNA 20 Years Later Is Proven They Were Wrongly Accused - AND They Are Given $80-100K Yearly Compensation For A Job That If They Were Out & About Would Not Have Been Making That (No Matter The Race) Prisoners Dont Have It Easy, But They Have It Easy -- They Produce More Drugs, Alcohol and Money Behind Bars Than on The Actual Streets, BUT Lets Keep Them Fed & Alive BUT Take Away From Our Childrens Education By Feeling Classrooms Up 65% OVER What Is Standard & Lay Off ALL Teachers, Etc.

I Call Bull SH*** & Our Leaders Need To Get It Together! Hell, Vote Kinky or Even The Singing (Not Naked Anymore) Cowboy In Office - Cause At The Rate It IS Going, It ALL Is A Joke To Me & I'd Rather Be Entertained For Our Tax Dollars While Losing Them! Aye! Off My Soap Box, & I'm Not A Debator Just My Opinion. I Have Several Friends In The Teaching Industry and It IS Close to My Heart! Again, I'm Not A Parent, But Love Children & We Need to Stand Up For Our Education!

XO Lyndie

Monday, March 7, 2011

When Life Feels Like A Shipwreck DO NOT Forget To Sing In The Lifeboats

"When We Encounter Storms, Jesus Asks US, ‘Why Are You Afraid? Have You Still No Faith?’, Each Storm Is An Invitation To Trust Jesus, To Remember His Care - Rich Vincent“

Man oh Man what another glorious visit from MD Anderson! Can I get an AMEN!

We walked in Mike’s visit today awaiting for Dr. Groves and his team to arrive. As we waited, as always I had not only continued my praying for excellent results, but I prayed all the way to that room from the car. Dr. Groves walks in (ALL Smiles) and sits down ever so casually as if we were about to talk about the Final Four coming up, and before he started to speak, his expression was worth a thousand words!

Dr. Groves went on to tell Mike from the latest MRI’s (Brain / Spine) and Lumbar Punctures that he remains Cancer-FREE in his Brain, Spinal Fluid and Spinal Cord! There are a few Metastasis still on the Spinal Bone (Which remember, that is different than the actual cord) that are continuing to shrink and nothing new has developed in these areas…

WELL, the BEST part of the visit was what Dr. Groves said after this. He went on to tell us that these are his favorite visits when he has NOTHING but Good News. He said that Mike is a “Miracle of GOD” and that with his diagnosis that he does not often see these results. He honestly does not see this much healing and progression in the RIGHT direction but only rarely! Wow! What an amazing thing to hear your Doctor say! We also shared with him that Mike has been invited to share his testimony with a friend’s church soon. The Doctor asked if Mike could also provide his testimony to him as so that he can share with MD Anderson, his team and all others going through treatment! How amazing! GOD is truly working wonders in our life and using us to the fullest; because of this we remain so strong in our faith!

He remains happy that Mike is back at work Part-Time and encourages this to the fullest. Mike feels as though he can take on the world at this time, but it is still HIGHLY recommended that he remain part-time for the next couple of months. This disease is so un-predictable and though he is doing so well now, we must continue to know the reality of the disease and the ever changing course it may take anytime. And even though we know this – My Kart-Wheel mentality is back in high-gear and I will continue to focus on the positive and PRAISE GOD for all he has done – HE is So Very Worthy!

Family and Friends (I no longer us the word “stranger”) you ALL are Family and Friends and if you are on this journey with us, no matter your location, you are no longer a stranger to us! We thank you ALL for your commitment to your faith and using that faith to lift us up and instill the strength and courage in us daily!

I will close now and continue to keep you all posted in the upcoming weeks with results from Mike’s PET Scans and will continue to Claim, Claim, and Claim Results of continued healing and know that Mike is on his way to being CANCER-FREE throughout!

Wishing You All a fabulous week and much love from Mike and I!

XOXO Lyndie

Friday, March 4, 2011

HE Wants US Too Take Advantage

“To the lamp of love: may it burn brightest in the darkest hours and never flicker in the winds of trial - Author Unknown”

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope this email finds you all enjoying this first week of March! It has been extremely busy for us with work and being so fortunate to include the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo in our plans with our dear family and friends!

I was speaking to a friend yesterday and we were discussing about being taken advantage of and taking advantage of something yourself. I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that allow me to take advantage of all aspects of their relationship. When in need, I no longer hesitate to call and ask for a shoulder to cry on, just a good laugh or anything that is needed at that particular time. The same goes for our family and friends. We are always here when someone needs us. Though we are going through a lot right now, I have confidence that GOD remains in complete control, so the worries are not as heavy and I am able to be there for you just as you are there for us.

A lot of people take advantage in the wrong ways though also. A friend posted recently “Never mistake my kindness for weakness” and so many times it seems that people do just this and take advantage in the wrong ways, and though we may show kindness and go above and beyond, people mistake it for weakness or insecurity when in fact, we are just striving to the best we can be to the ones we love just as GOD does for us.

Another great email I received today from ‘Today’s Word With Joel & Victoria’ read this “When you put God first, when you obey His commands, you open the door for His favor — YOU have the advantage for success! I have an advantage, GOD is in control of my destiny, He’s fighting my battles for me…He is my vindicator” After reading this, I know that GOD indeed DOES want us to take advantage of his kindness and that as long as he is put first, we will remain worthy of his rewards. As my friend stated and just as I assume GOD would feel also…do not mistake his blessings for anything else. They are just that. Gifts from him, that he feels you and I deserve.

As you all know GOD has truly worked wonders in Mike and I’s lives and the most recent has been the abundance of strength and courage he continues to provide us on this journey we are on. I trust completely that he is and will continue to be in complete control and I will take advantage of all his greatness daily! I will continue to embrace the miracles he works in our lives every day!

A couple of weeks ago, Mike and I were talking and he has felt really strong about providing his testimony thus far. He wants to reach out to others and let them know that though we see dark days and the uncertainty of this disease and with it, it is ever changing day to day, the one thing that does not and will not change is GOD’s love for us. Mike has really felt his presence on this journey as I hope you all have. Mike was approached a day ago and has been invited to attend a church of some friends of ours and provide his testimony to a large congregation – a diverse age group! When I heard this, I received chills through my body, knowing that ONLY GOD could have arranged this for him! I myself have been so blessed with the spreading of my emails and blogs that I continue to receive emails daily about how all we are going through has touched so many…I know the joy I receive from hearing this and I know for Mike to receive this news, he was over-joyed also for this to be his time to reach out and share with others!

In closing, as I stated in my previous email, Mike will undergo MRIs today and Sunday for Brain and Spine and receive a PET Scan on the 21st – we will then meet with our Oncologist to receive all updates and as always, we will continue to claim GRAND results that only GOD can provide!

Thank you all once again for all you do. Each one of you are such a special piece to Mike and I’s live and play such an important role – we are forever filled with gratitude and will always have a place in our hearts for you all!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and many continued blessings throughout your day – DO Take Advantage!

XO Lyndie

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How Can Something Bother You, If YOU Don’t Allow It?

“Those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness - Proverbs 14:22”

Joel Osteen hits another one out of the park today! Just when I pray for a good word or some good advise, I open my email and “The Daily Word From Joel & Victoria” deliver!

Today’s Daily Word included this; “Today, don’t let the negative voices of the world steal your focus or get you off course. Don’t start planning for a bad day; choose to plan for good.” I feel so strongly about this, because it is SO very easy to wake up and allow one thing set you in the direction of a bad day. Something as simple as waking up and having your flat iron fizz out and leave you with uncontrollable frizz! Or even better, driving to work to only realize that half-way there you REALLY should have stopped and got gas last night and now you are stranded on I-10 waiting for Triple A to send someone to the rescue. Do not get me wrong, ALL these scenarios can set you off in the direction of allowing your day to be bad, but why let it? Luckily I was the one with the flat iron issue, and to my surprise, we were graced with a beautiful, humid-less 73 degree day – so my hair looks great! As for the running out of gas, this has not happened to me yet, but I know many it has, and in no time they were rescued, filled up and off to work…I know my lesson and will always now fill up on the way home or BEFORE my light comes on to avoid this!

You should allow yourself to wake each day and continue to be thankful. Though we all have things that happen that set us off, I find so much more peace in choosing my battles and not allowing the negative to consume me as I once did. I am a lot happier because of this, and my days are a lot more enjoyable! I will not advise to discredit the importance of these happenings and say that you should NEVER be upset, but allow yourself to take from these and plan for good and not bad – take these instances and rather than let yourself be trapped and weighed down with the negativity – rise above the adversity you are put in and trust that GOD will remain faithful as he always has and not place you in something he hasn’t already mapped out and planned just for you!

Today, if you have not already…take time, just a few minutes from what you are doing and thank GOD for his promises. If you are not receiving, you are not asking. GOD will not forsake us – believe me! Mike and I are living testimony of being led into the “troubled waters” to not bring us under, but to cleanse us ---- > “God brings men into deep waters, not to drown them, but to cleanse them - John Aughey”

XO Lyndie