Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cancer DOES Suck!

“Some days there won't be a song in your heart. Sing anyway - Emory Austin”

Yes! I can completely admit it. No matter how well Mike continues to do and what a Super-Hero he has been thus far with Cancer and The Treatments that are involved…CANCER SUCKS!

I bought Mike a pin a little while ago during one of our visits to MD. It was actually the day we were scheduled to visit his Oncologist and he was whisked away to the ER due to vision issues and that brought on a week’s stay in the hospital. Granted, he is doing so well now and his vision is restored to 20/20, that is a week I will never forget. It just reminded us of the ups, downs and uncertitanties with this disease that Mike as a patient and myself as a caregiver have to ALWAYS be ready for, no matter how good life is treating us that moment.

Well another unexpected, but expected incident arrised this past week with Mike’s treatment. As he was finishing up and the last bit of chemo was flushed through the IV, Mike instantly started itching on the palm of his hands. I immediately thought it was just an itch since he had been laying there for a few hours, almost like the feeling when your hand falls asleep. He got up to go to the bathroom and came out with a completely flushed face and a fierce stomach ache. I rushed him back to the bed and called the nurse. Within minutes the room was filled with nurses and doctors inserting Benadryl, Pepcid and a few other drugs. His heart rate blood pressure jumped to 166 and he was given oxygen. At that moment, I had never been so scared, but I held his hand tightly as the doctors worked around and got him back to normal. After I emailed his Oncologist and speaking to several of the team on site, it is a normal side effect with one of the chemo agents he is taking. They explained it works sort of backwards and the longer your body receives the treatment, the higher risk of side effects.

After 15 minutes he was stable once again and back to normal. It was something that we had not experienced thus far. We had been so laxidated with how well he has been doing, I feel this brought us back to check and back on our toes to (as I always say) expect the expected with this disease. This last treatment has taken a toll and Mike has been resting this weekend, as expected. He remains in good spirits and has not lost sight of the “Fight of El Toro”.

His doctor’s appointments have been spread out and he will not have another chemo treatment till the end of March. He has upcoming MRIs and PET Scans these next two weeks, which hold results of how the chemo continues to work and as always we keep our prayers that all is continuing to shrink and the areas that are FREE of Cancer, remain FREE! With the appointments being so spread out, Mike has been back at work a lot and getting back in the swing of things! It is almost as if he has not left. The Dixie Team loves having him back and it has completely raised his mentality and spirits being back to “the norm”.

As always, we both from the bottom of our hearts thank you ALL for keeping us in your daily thoughts and prayers. We thank you for the cards, the messages, the phone calls, texts and emails! We know that even though CANCER DOES SUCK – it has brought us so close to so many people. It has brought us closer to family, closer to friends, and closer to ones we only knew maybe from work and so on and especially has brought us closer to GOD! Mike’s faith remains above all else the strongest and he keeps his eyes focused on the prize – Being CANCER FREE!

In ending, I am thankful for today. I am thankful for our Team of Experts at MD Anderson. I am thankful for our family and friends. And in a small way, I am thankful for the Cancer. Thankful that GOD trusted in us enough to place on this journey that is going to offer such an amazing testimony when this is over. Thankful to GOD that it already has provided such a testimony and the ability for our journey to touch others and offer hope on their current journeys that they are on no matter what it involves.

We wish you all a great day and a very blessed week as we jump feet first into March! I still cannot believe it! I will keep you all updated in the coming weeks of Mike’s results from his tests and scans – Thank YOU ALL for keeping him lifted!

XO Lyndie!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Got A Little Change In My Pocket Going Jangle Langa Lang

Hi Everyone!

I have something fun and possibly lucky for your pocket books if you qualify! Last night I was watching the news (which doesn’t happen a lot, because there is so much sadness) I’d rather just stick to my “reality” shows. Anyhow, I was watching last night and I just happen to catch Emily Akin come one. She always intrigues me with her investigation and all her volunteers who remind me of my dear grandmother answering the phones to rescue a consumer in need that has been wronged by “The Man”.

As I watched, automatically the title “Unclaimed Money” caught my attention. I woke up from me drowsy sleep and turned up the volume. She went on to say that over the years there have been many website that have offered to provide the consumer with access to unclaimed money, but with a cost. I do remember a site like this, and once I found out I was getting something back and went to submit my info, it asked me for a credit card number, and I declined…pay to retrieve My OWN money? Well her report had the same twist, but it is a government website and the money you find (if any) that you have unclaimed, is yours clear and free!

It is so simple. Navigate your way to the following website, and follow the instructions. A few things you have to prepare for such as, the property being claimed has an address attached, and before you can retrieve your money, you must submit something showing proof that you once habited that address. Luckily I had my high school transcript and I quickly filled out the form, printed it out with my ID and info and sent it off. I am only getting back $55.00, but hey, it’s $55.00 I did not have before!

It states on the website that it can take up to 30-90 days for the return of a check to you, but I have had several friends who have done this and they received money within 2 weeks.

I hope you are able to log onto the website and find you have some unclaimed money – it will be extra money to treat yourself to a nice dinner, pay a bill or even that cute pair of shoes you have been wanting!

Happy Money Claiming Everyone!

XO Lyndie

Monday, February 21, 2011

Making A Living By What I Do, BUT Making A Life By What I Give

“Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It's important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It's the way in which we ourselves grow and develop - Dr. Dorothy I. Height, president and CEO of the NCNW”

Well I finally did it! I have found an extracurricular activity that does not involve watching Trash-ality, reading tabloids or shopping – I have committed my extra time to become a volunteer at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Since July 2010, we have spent so much time there, and the times that we have actually spent the nights in the hospital (After Mike’s surgery and when he had the issue with his sight), I really had time to walk around the hospital and study the ins and outs. I spoke to many patients, all there for such different reason, but there for the same also. I was able to chat with some of the doctors, nurses and staff that make up this renowned Cancer Center in the Heart of Houston TX. I also was fortunate enough to speak in length to a lot of the volunteers, who donate their extra time (all for different reasons) to ensure that the patients of MD Anderson, including My Husband, are well taken care of and all needs are met while offering comfort in the long days spent here.

I have long yearned to be a part of a volunteer group, but really never found my “nitch” I suppose. Nothing that really tugged my heartstrings quite like this does now…now that we are living in it. The minute I sat down at orientation, I knew I was doing the right thing and my heart became consumed with joy and I really feel that this will be my ministry (so to speak) and I will be able to continue to share Mike and I’s journey with others that are going through what we are going through.

In the hours that become days, the days that become nights, the nights that become weeks and weeks that become months and so on, I see the need in some patients eyes that are not as fortunate as Mike and I are to have such a strong support system of family and friends to be there with them on these times. These times that are sometimes so overwhelming and at that time the despair sets in along with the fear. This place is humongous and it truly knocks you down in the awe of the capacity of information that you are hit with.

As a caregiver, I hope to understand the needs of the patients on a level that only someone going through this can understand and offer something above and beyond just a cup of coffee or a warm blanket – I hope to offer an ear to listen, a heart to care and a hand to hold when needed. I hope to offer a sense of understanding knowing that each day is a day of uncertainty in this disease but have complete confidence with GOD and the ability to be placed at such an amazing facility, that we are safe.

In closing, I am excited about this chapter in my life. Mike and I remain so blessed to have such good days in the midst of the unknown and know that because of The LORD, our hearts are filled with trust, courage and strength – our fight is not over, but we are in the perfect place to fight this battle – Thank YOU GOD.

Thank you all for continued prayers – they are defiantly working and they are felt. Just this last week, in a prior email, I reached out prayers for My Aunt Julie who was diagnosed last year, a month or so after Mike – she received reports last week, she is Cancer Free!! GOD is working miracles in the lives of all that I love, including ours – Know that you our strong Prayer Warriors are helping with this as well!

Much love to you all!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

On The Road Again...

“Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death. ~Author Unknown”

Hi Everyone!

Just a short note to update you! Mike was put back in a van today!! Though he is still working part-time and not taking on the capacity of jobs he was prior to his diagnosis -- The Good LORD has blessed him with Strength and Energy to get back to work and into a van when he is not at the shop!

Thank you all for the continued prayers and good words sent our way -- by this picture attached, please know that they all continue to be felt and heard!!!

GOD remains oh so good to us and because of you ALL we continue to be instilled with Strength, Courage and The Fight to face each day head on!

More to come!

XO Lyndie

On The Road Again

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Sweet Valentine

"For you see, each day I love you more - Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow - Rosemonde Gerard"

What a FABULOUS Valentine’s Day it was! It seemed to fall on a less than perfect day being Monday but it was the perfect ending to a great Valentine’s Day weekend!

We spent our Friday night dining at a nice and romantic location downtown and enjoyed the company of one another in a quiet atmosphere which allowed us a great place to talk, laugh and do all that romantic, giggly stuff J I truly reconnected and am so happy to know this is the man that I will kiss EVERY night for the rest of my life! We ended the night in the back of the restaurant listening to jazz music and loving on each other and loving life!

Saturday, rather than the traditional Valentine’s Day gift, Mike brought precious Ra-Mona into our lives and we became parents of another little precious kitty – adopted from the SPCA. She is the perfect addition to our household and everyone is getting along great!

Sunday was nice and quiet and as Mike ventured off for a Boy’s Day of Fishing, Mike treated me to a pedi and a day of un-limited control of the remote. He was home early and we enjoyed a nice dinner and I only thought our Valentine’s weekend was over!

Work on Monday, we enjoyed a Valentine’s Buffet of food with all our ladies from our building and that was fun as always with great company and good conversation! As the day ended, I headed home to only walk into the house to the most beautiful bouquet of roses I have EVER seen! They were gorgeous and this was truly the ultimate ending to our Valentine’s weekend!

In closing, I hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend with your loved ones or anyone that is special to you at this time. Mike and I continue to thank you all for the prayers and well wishes and know that they are working daily! GOD continues to work in our lives every day and for this we are forever grateful!

XO Lyndie

My Valentine Roses

Monday, February 14, 2011

Meet Ra-Mona!

“An Animal's Eyes Have The Power To Speak A Great Language - Martin Buber”

Last month our Aunt Cissy came down with her animals in tow and in the pack was a cat named Todd. We noticed that our Kitty, Bootsey, LOVED having the company. Though she thinks she is a dog (since being only 6 weeks old when Mike rescued her before IKE blew in) she has been raised with 2 Red Healers who treat her like she is one. They all have fun together, but the friskiness and fun she showed when Todd was down, we knew that Bootsey needed a friend too!

We waited a few weeks till we made our decision to ensure we were making the right move. After Todd departed, we could tell a difference in Bootsey. She roamed around the house looking for Todd and we knew for sure that she DID indeed need a companion (other than her 40lb brothers.

We headed to the SPCA this weekend and what a treat it was! As soon as we walked in and approached Ramona’s cage, she was immediately playful and jumping around to get our attention. We knew at that moment she was the one, but we wanted to make sure. We walked around once to make sure we were making the right decision --- as we rounded that corner back to her cage…she was GONE!

I freaked out! I looked everywhere and knocked on the window and the caregiver pointed that she had just been pulled to clean her cage – whew! We immediately told them that she was the one we want. We got to sit with her in her little adoption room to get to know her a little more and she was perfect in every way! We found out that she had come to them injured and had to have surgery and was the most humble, sweetest kitty ever.

We scooped her up, signed the papers and off to the house we went. Once we got her home, we let her smell around and become acclimated with the new surroundings. Well it did not take her long before she knew where her litter box and food bowl was. She made herself very comfy in Mike’s arms and lounged on the bed – she knew she was home!

We later introduced her to the others…Bootsey was a little apprehensive and decided she wanted to play chase and follow her the entire day. Dukers fell in love and tried to smooch her until she clawed him and Diesel just stood back and watched it all. By Sunday she was all over the house and lounging – learning all about The Charnock Lazy Sunday!

Last night at 2AM when I woke up, both dogs and both cats where in our bed…I suppose everyone is comfortable and the family is complete!

Mike and Mona -- Our First Meeting :)

Mona And Her New Toy

Mona's Close Up

Mona Enjoying Her Lazy Charnock Sunday

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Can I Be MINE?

“For You See Each Day I Love You More Today More Than Yesterday And Less Than Tomorrow - Rosemonde Gerard”

As I sit here today, I reflect on the real meaning of Valentine’s Day. Well I take that back. I reflect on the real meaning of this day to me.

I have lived, I have laughed and I have loved. This day, February 13, 2011, I am in love not only with the man that you have come to know as my husband, but I am in love with myself.

Have you ever noticed (and I myself have noticed ever since it was brought to my attention years ago) that when we as women complement one another, we respond with a statement of some sort rather than a simple thank you. June tells Sally “I Love that shirt on you – what a beautiful color”. Sally responds “Oh this old, thing? I got it on sale at Sears years ago! I always thought it made me look fat!” See rather than a simple, “Thank you. Yes this is one of my favorites!” it is easier to NOT receive the compliment. I honestly have no explanation from this other than it is just a “woman” thing, just as men scratch themselves in public with no shame. I suppose my point is, when this was pointed out to me, I really have tried to change my response when I receive compliments, and I quickly respond with a thank you.

This Valentine’s Day not only have I learned to love and appreciate everyone around me, I have learned to love myself and know that I deserve this – to love myself. It feels so good.

In the past couple of weeks, I have felt myself depending on others to fulfill this “love” so to speak. Don’t get me wrong, my husband fulfills my “Love tank” < --- Thank you Vicki from Real HW OC. Yet I felt myself yearning for love from others. Love from people who possibly did not particularly want my love. In that time trying to fulfill others I felt myself losing the drive to love myself. I know now that was not good and not healthy.

I have had a reconnection with myself in the past few days that is unbelievable and it is something that I encourage everyone to do!

I am wishing you all a wonderful week ahead and a fabulous Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Whether you are spending with a loved one or many --- please take time to embrace yourself. Take time to love the person you have become. Take time to reflect on the love that ONLY you can offer YOU.

XO Lyndie

Friday, February 11, 2011

It Isn’t You – It REALLY Is Me

“You Can Explore The Universe Looking For Somebody Who Is More Deserving Of Your Love And Affection Than You Are Yourself, And You Will NOT Find That Person Anywhere.” – Unknown

It was sort of hard for me to accept this quote above, but after reading it a few times and having some great conversations the past few days with Family and Friends…This statement could not offer more truth.

I know there are a lot of you out there like myself. I tend to find myself striving to please anyone and everyone around me. Often times neglecting my own happiness in the search to fulfill someone else’s. I do not necessarily completely deprive my own self of pleasure and indulgence, but I do find that I place my own feelings on the back burner and allow the insecurity to set in when someone does not like me or if I cannot please someone. I try so very hard and in the end to only receive nothing but heartache and pain for a fight that I was not destined to win is so not worth it.

I have been blessed with the most amazing Husband. Though he has been diagnosed with a life threghtening disease, he wakes up every day along with me thanking GOD for me as I do him. Since Mike’s diagnosis, we have had people from his past and mine as well reach out “in concern” for him. These people have come far and wide from my past and his. Mike and I allowed them and in turn reached out in hopes that the past was the past and we were doing something good by offering friendships to these people, and as always another lesson learned. The harder we were trying to please everyone around us, we were losing touch of our own happiness and comfort in order to ensure that these relationships were intact and making sure that everyone else was fine. Well the truth is they are fine without us, just as we are without them. Mike and I must start living for us again, and stop pleasing and reaching out to others that do not want it. In all honesty Mike is so much better at this than me. He sort of has that “cell”, you know the one that allows you to know when to stop or sometimes allow you not to care…I am seeing into getting it surgically removed so that we can share it – I need one!

Mike and I together have accumulated some really great, TRUE friends that if you are reading this, you know who you are. You keep us grounded (especially ME), you keep it REAL with us and you reassure Me it is OK to not please everyone – it is not humanly possible – For this bit of knowledge, I thank you!

Over the few weeks, I know that in the end, your family is all you have…and I am proud to have Mike as my family. I am proud of our conjoined family and our friends that have become family. I am OK with knowing that I am only one person, and it is OK to be selfish and look out for Mike and I – just as everyone looks out for the ones they love – their family.

Mike and I have an unbreakable bond that will be broken by no one. The bond will only be broken if I allow to continue to consume myself with worrying about pleasing others and striving to be the best friend to everyone that does not need that friend. Mike is my Rock as I am his. That is all we need and with GOD as our Foundation, we are already ahead.

So In ending, if you are reading this – please know that as I stated…”It Really ISN’T You – It REALLY is ALL Me!”

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bite Your Tongue!

“The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit - Proverbs 18:21”

“Every word we speak is a seed. We are constantly planting those seeds that when we speak words of life and blessing, we will see life and blessing in the future. When we speak words of defeat and failure, those seeds produce defeat and failure. It’s that simple. The life you are living today is the harvest from the seeds you planted in your past; and today, you are planting seeds for your future. God has given you the power to change your future! You can begin, right now, to plant seeds of blessing, strength, victory and joy for your future. If you’ll be proactive and consistently declare the Word of God, even if it’s just five minutes a day, you are setting yourself up for victory, freedom and blessing. “ – Exert From Today’s Word With Joel & Victoria

Hi Everyone!

It never ceases to amaze how GOD always places the right words in my life – in OUR life when we need it. I always try to provide my emails with the most positive and uplifting words, though sometimes the days are cloudy – I must continue to have sunshine in my heart!

I just wanted to send a short note to update every one of Mike and all of us in Houston TX. This month thus far has been low-key for Mike and MD Anderson but we are about to kick it off in a few weeks with Chemo and some updated MRI’s of the Brain and Spine and Doctors visits. We will continue to keep you all posted as to the report outcomes (as always). Mike remains to feel good, a little tired at times, but is back to work part-time and looking good! He has lost a lot of the weight that he gained with the steroids a few months back and he is feeling so much better because of that. He maintains a healthy appetite and is getting ready for the Spring time – the Bass are already quivering!

As for all else, the family is well and we are all just staying busy and getting ready for whatever comes our way! Our nephews all started swimming for the year – and Uncle Mike reports they are going to do great! Travis is already playing Basket Ball and he is oh so good! He has the tall gene advantage and seems to really be into it and playing like a pro! Uncle Mike and I have been to a couple of games and it is so fun to cheer on Travis and all the players! Maggie has signed up Trevor and William for T-Ball this year as well – We cannot wait till these games start --- She has true All-Stars on her hands and it is a true joy to watch them all grow! Speaking of William – I have attached a link for his debut in this year’s Down Syndrome Association Calendar! We are so proud of him – he is posing for February and December!! I am sure Maggie has sent you your own calendar, but if not, follow the link and get your own – it is for a great cause and (cough cough) our nephew of course is our reason!!! Oh and before I forget – My Mom, over the years has become an avid writer and has just had her first E-Book published!! It is a short story, a Novella, and will be hitting the E-Book Stores in the next month! Congratulations Mom!!

I myself and registered for school and really excited to expand my education. I have not decided yet what I want to pursue my degree in, but I am meeting with a counselor in two weeks to lay it all out for me and introduce me to the “college life” (w/o the Keggers and Frat parties ;) I also will be FINALLY taking my Real Estate License exam soon to get that under my belt. I have completed all my classes, just need to take the test (again)…for this I am really excited!

I cannot believe it is already the 2nd week in February – We continue to thank you all for your support, kind words, messages, phone calls and texts – They continue to lift us up daily beyond belief and it truly is what gets us through our days. I wish you all also to continue in your own lives, any battles you are facing, and any struggles that seem impossible to tackle – remember how powerful the tongue is. Use it for good and not evil. Continue to “to plant seeds of blessing, strength, victory and joy for your future”.
Till next time, please stay warm (especially here in TX) they say we have another freeze coming our way – REALLY??? I am so ready for some shorts, sundresses and flip flops and that golden tan!

XO Lyndie

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let's Come Together...Right Now...Under Him!

I Love to Receive The Daily Word from Joel & Victoria. I especially loved this one below. We ALL should continue to celebrate each other for the blessings we each receive. We should embrace each other with kindness and love – I am proud of ALL my family and friends for Each and Every accomplishment and Blessing they have received and continue to receive – It is just the way it should be :)

XO Lyndie

Daily Word From Joel & Victoria:

“Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the Lord blessed him - Genesis 26:12”

One time Isaac was in a famine. There was a great drought in the land, but Isaac went out and planted crops right in the middle of that famine. It didn’t make any sense, but somehow in that same year of drought, the Scripture says, “Isaac received 100 times what he had sown because the Lord blessed him.”

What’s interesting is that when Isaac got blessed, the people around him, the Philistines and his friends all of the sudden got jealous of him. They were fine as long as he was broke. As long as they were at the same level, it was no big deal. But when he stepped up to a new level, when he began to wear his blessings well, the Scripture says, “The Philistines hated Isaac.”

Maybe you’ve noticed this in your own life. When you start to do better, the people around you don’t celebrate. They become jealous. But you can’t allow the attitudes of others to hold you back and cause you to live in mediocrity. Instead, when you’re blessed, brag on God! Shake off the criticism of others and receive His blessing. Wear it well because when you honor Him, He will continue to increase and promote you all the days of your life!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Think I Can, I Think I Can --- I KNOW I Can!

“If Children Have the Ability to Ignore All Odds and Percentages, Then Maybe We Can All Learn from Them. When You Think About It, What Other Choice Is There But to Hope? We Have Two Options, Medically and Emotionally: Give Up, or Fight Like Hell - Lance Armstrong”

Hi Everyone!

We Hope you all are doing well – It is OFICIALLY February and in Houston Texas we are breaking out our parkas and possibly snow boots this week!!

This is just a short email to thank you all for continued prayers in ALL aspects of my life that I have requested. I am in awe daily of the people that GOD continues to put into our lives and thankful for some that he must take out.

The quote above, I came across and thought it to be very true and powerful. Through this journey that we are on the path of (that was chosen for us years and years before we can even imagine) I continue to know that each day I can really make a difference. I know sometimes I am repetitious in my emails, but I feel it helps me and sometimes may help you also to know that as Lance says, “We Can Give Up or Fight Like Hell” I chose to continue to fight like hell and know that the ONLY choice I do have and the ONLY choice that continues to provide me sanity is HOPE!

Just this past year, not only has Mike been diagnosed with Cancer, but a few of my family and close friends as well. Amongst all of this going on, I continue to know that though we do not understand why we are given the obstacles in our life, “We Can Give Up or Fight Like Hell”. I feel this can be attached to any aspect of our lives. Whether you are facing a life threghtening disease. Whether you are struggling with your finances. Whether you are experiencing struggles with your work or marriage, what other choice is there BUT to Hope?

Mike and I receive so many emails and messages daily from people all over, near and far, friends and strangers. With each message we receive, gain more power and strength to look the Devil in the eye and remind him of who is ultimately in charge --- GOD! I hope that with the struggles you are facing (if any) you can do the same.

I have below a few names that I would like to continue to add to my prayer request list. You all are such Powerful Prayer Warriors, and I know with each prayer we continue to ALL be lifted up above our adversities and we lean more towards “Fighting Like Hell and NOT Giving Up”

Julie H. – Follicular Lympoma
James H. – Throat Cancer
Amanda K. – Her Mother is being tested for possible re-accuring throat cancer.
Brandy C. – Her Mother has just received a good report – Cancer Free! Praying for Continued good results in 6 months!
Autumn H. – Her Cousin Donny was just diagnosed with Cancer.
Rika D. – Please continue to keep her Mother in your prayers, Fighting Diabetes.
Kenny G. – Recovering from a Major Heart Attack – Underwent Triple By-Bass.
Lindsey A. – Praying for Her Brother Eric
Marissa M. – Her Dear Sweet daughter Avery. Just underwent surgery and starting dialasis for her kidneys.
Angelique H. – Prayers for Personal growth while moving forward with a lot of life changes and starting a new job after being a housewife for 13 years!! You go girl!

I know there are many others and if you have a request, please do not hesitate to send them so I can add them and continue to pass them on.

I feel we all are capable of facing our daily trials with the attitude of “I Think I Can, I Think I Can” and in the end when we overcome all of these adversities, we can shout with joy (as The Little Engine That Could) did and say “I Thought I Could, I Thought I Could!”

In closing, thank you ALL for Everything! Mike and I continue to be blessed beyond our wildest expectations and know that with our faithful hearts and trustful souls, “We KNOW we Can, We Know We Can!” conquer ANY-thing that comes our way!!!

Till next time – Mike continues to do well with his current treatment. He maintains a good appetite and has started to go back to work (part-time) and maintains a good attitude knowing that the healing continues!! The month of February remains low-key for him with only a couple of chemo treatments. March is the busy month with MRI’s and Dr’s follow-ups – We will continue to CLAIM good results at EVERY visit!

XO Lyndie