Friday, March 19, 2010

Here's To YOU Mr. Inventor...OF NOTHING but Being a DOUCHEbag!

Ugh! Where do I even begin? Well I will first start off by washing the puke from my mouth.

Why Cheat? REALLY? Other than giving us a reason for 'War of The Roses' on a popular local radio station (which by the way I hate also) or is it for that one chance of dipping your "Stick" into another outlet and gaining back the Already LARGE ego that you obviously had to begin with to make you think you are King-Ding-Dong in the first place...Now don't get me wrong, it is not just pointed at the Male Species, there are plenty of Females that don't feel the need to repect the sanctity of Marrige either and mosey onto other playgrounds as well.

Before I even started this, I thought hard. I thought hard because I have known people...VERY close to me that have wondered out of their relationship for a few fun times, so I feel that I pose a double-standard here...BUT I feel that those situations (NOT because of the friendship) but because of the situation that they were in, they might have strayed to escape the insanity of that relationship for that moment.

Now moving forward -- It just seems too common now these days that cheating is OK in our society by so many people - and the thing that I think makes me sick is just the decete, the lies and the embarassment. I being the Trash-ality Whore that I am, I L-O-V-E me a good tabloid cover, but the most recent one just has blown me away -- I think mainly because of the emabarressment that we all know too well! The support of a loving wife, doting after significant other -- thanking "him/her" for having our "back"...while all along they are having someone else's "backside" <---- (Thank you for the quote) It's sickening! I just don't get it -- WHY CHEAT?

I suppose again there are ALL sorts of before the situation you are in...WELL why not leave? If you are so unhappy in the current situation and your other half doesnt know or realize that you are yearning for a little more spice, why not be honest? I know and feel that it is easier said than done. If it were me and My husband felt the need to wonder, I would have no respect either way if he cheated, but I would understand telling me that I no longer "Fill His Love Tank" <--- (Thanks Real HW of OC) rather than EVERYONE else knowing about this and not me...How aweful!

As I said, this goes both ways -- there are women that contribute to this nastiness also. But I just do not get how you can be married/exclusively dating (and I use exclusivly because I once was very picky about that word while dating) why would you risk what you have for a dishonest (more than likely 5 minute) fun hump? I wish I understood the urges. Is it the Hot Bodies? The Boobies? The wildness that your not getting at home? The convesrsation that you lack from your partner...that emotional connection? Well SHIT people ADDress these issues, DOnt cheat! Seriously!!

Ok ok - its easier said than done -- REALLY? Is it that hard to pop in an adult book store (the clean ones) and find some books/dvds/toys to add to your bedroom. Is really that hard to take a night (I know I know also --- kids, the kids REALLY take away the time for US) Hmmm, well thats funny, you have time to F*** someone else...oh that's right, your wife/hubby is at home with the kids -- SHIT! Well I suppose there are ALL sorts of excuses for cheating then. NOOOOOOOO! If you are NOT feeling that Emotional connection, try talking -- Relationships are WORK, they are not easy -- (Hmmm ok that's why it's better to cheat EASY - no work involved) well then you shouldn't be in a relationship if all you want to do is SCREW w/o commitment. (Not Knocking that, I was single -- the key word SINGLE). Back to the work part...take that time while the kids are in bed and spend a few extra minutes away from the lap top working and returning emails, stop cleaning the house like a maniac for a second, turn off the TV (for Goodness sake we all have TIVO & if not - there WILL be repeats :) believe me! I am the queen of TV re-runs!) All I'm saying is if you are in-love and you still believe in what marriage stands for, make it work before you cheat and hurt not only the ones you love, but hurt yourself.

All in all I just feel now that the times are getting to be so hazy -- we are ALL so fast paced and busy - and maybe a marriage does feel dull...make it un-dull! Add some spice, reconnect DONT give-up. Find that spark you once had before you wonder into "Greener" pastures -- as the old saying "The Grass is not ALWAYS Greener on the OTHER Side, if it is, there is USUALLY alot of SHIT and you will step in it :)"

In the misdst of all the news of affairs and Ultimate Douchebags & Douchettes that are in the news -- don't become a statistic, fight for the one you love...the one you fell in love with - WORK TO MAKE IT WORK!

P.S. If you are in an abusive relationship, etc -- of course run for the hills and dump this Jack-ass or Jack-ASset on his/her butt and find happiness, NOONE should stay in an abusive relationship - Verbal or Physical.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


T-Minus 5 Days and it ALL goes down...or should I say OUT! OMG! I cannot even begin to explain the joy today has brought me and all that I have learned.

It all started years ago -- I have had this little peculiar tooth that has developed it's own little world in my mouth, almost like it's own neighborhood. It has been all alone ever since I can remember and not until a few weeks ago did I learn that it can be pulled and not effect my mouth and the orthodontics that I have scheduled in the near future! This little tooth - #10, as Dr. Fisher named it ( I like little me) ;) moved to the roof of my mouth years ago and has stayed and been pleasantly fine all alone all these years. No longer, she will no longer be part of me as of Monday (I have kart-wheeled for the past 2 weeks in preparation!).

You know when I was younger, I look back and kids are REALLY cruel, very cruel. I remember being made fun of because of my crooked smile and my Little Ms. #10 - kids didn't understand how a tooth could grow in the middle of the roof of my mouth and it not hurt, well it just didn't...their faces I remember not hurting them, but they sure killed me ;) haha! (Sorry just a joke I hear between Hubby and his Friends) Anyhow, the thing is this tooth and my crooked smile never phased me - I know I am beautiful inside and out with minor imperfections, but I feel GOD makes us all different and those differences make us stronger.

So as I got older, I still never was phased by my tooth or even my teeth, not until I got into my 20's and it became apparent that my tooth became topic of conversations and even overheard people poking fun of it and it started to work on my insecurity. I knew kids where mean in grade-school and for some reason it didn't hurt as bad as it did in my adulthood. I never was educated on the reason for my teeth...the way they were crooked, little straggler #10 etc. I never had insurance that allowed me to freely visit the dentist and have teeth pulled and have the opportunity to have a dentist sit with me and explain the options I have or what causes this to happen...Not until NOW! I am blessed beyond belief to have insurance and now be able to move forward and work on my Beautiful (slightly imperfect) smile!

I visited my Orthodontist today about moving forward with Orthodontics once #10 is extracted and what the heck has caused my teeth to become the way they are? I wasn't a thumb sucker, I took care of my teeth growing up...he was so very informative and now I know this is caused by something so very common...I am a CHRONIC Mouth Breather! What What? --

(this is just a website I found that explains alot) I feel it is so important to educate ourselves on issues that are health related and maybe it will help others before it gets beyond help.

I GOOGLED alot and I cannot believe I have never known this -- it's no ones fault but my own, I just never knew and maybe just happy with what I was dealt and have learned to make it work for me -- I feel my smile is contagious, and of course what comes out of it -- "Shakin My Head Like Yeah! Pulling some teeth like YEAH!"

Once I was told this and the effects and how all of this works together in the development of the teeth I felt a light went off and I swear I saw an exterior glow around Dr. Freeman and even a halo -- I cried...I'm 30 years old and there is hope for me...I can have this corrected and move forward with having my breathing corrected and my teeth...ME!

So starting Monday I begin my journey and I know I will feel different - #10 has become a part me and has ALWAYS been a part of me and no longer --- it's a little sad...maybe it's like having a mole removed, either way I'm excited to feel the difference, see the difference and laugh with my head nodded back with no insecurity!! I saw this today on My friends page -- "Some people try to control another by planting a seed of doubt. In my opinion the fact that they try to plant that seed speak wonders of their insecurities." <----- Amen to that! Shame on all you (not so good people) throughout my life that have planted doubts of seeds in my head that because of my #10 I was not as pretty as others or different than you & shame on you for making others feel the same -- shame on you!

Whoo hoo!! "Thanking MY GOD Like YEAH! Knowing He has BLESSED us like YEAH!"

P.S. Thank YOU ALL who are reading this -- You are my TRUE Friends and My Family that I ADORE! Thank you for ALL your LOVE & Support for my past 30 years and ALL the LOVE & Support I will receive in MY NEXT 30 YEARS!