Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Funny or maybe just naive cuteness I heard the other day - A younger family member of mine made a comment that they were "So glad they were graduating High School -- NO MORE DRAMA!" I found it amusing and wrote back "Yeah, now just the fun of living the Adult Life and the drama that it endures..."She replied "Oh yeah, but its so much different than High School Drama and dealing with Girls and Boyfriends, etc." Just loved it and wished it was as easy as it was in High School sometimes...

I remember having to be in 1st period at 7:30AM -- Out of school by 3:30PM. I worried not about working, how to pay my bills or to take care of my family - nope I was worried about what I was wearing to school the next day, who was having a party that weekend, should I call him or wait for him to call me? So simple it seems now yet why did we ALL want to escape when we were living in it?

DRAMA -- Every day it seems there it is -- knocking on your door, following you in the rear view mirror, on the phone when you pick up at work, any where and everywhere!!

Well -- The past few months I have never felt as good as I do now! Life is good with me physically, mentally and spiritually. I have a wonderful Husband, great family and equal in-laws, a great core of friends and just life has opened so many doors for me and it just continues to progress each day in such a positive way that it almost feels like I'm on some sort of drug for all the happiness I am feeling!!

I wake up every morning - the same exact way... I'm a guilty snoozer -- at least 5 times before I roll out of bed. Roll over kiss my Hubby, drag around for a few minutes, feed the dogs, let the cat out, make lunch, take my vitamins and hop in the shower. When in that shower I take time to pray. I pray for myself and my day ahead and for my loved ones and that moment my day comes to life and I know right then and there it is up to me to make that day a great one or let the DRAMA of every day life get me down!!

GOD has been good to me my entire life I feel, but as I get older and grow to understand the paths that he lays in front of us and the directions we take -- He never leaves us at all and even knows what paths we are going to take - some wrong and some right...both we learn from.

I am thankful for everything and as a human I take things for granted as we all do, but Ask GOD for forgiveness when I do this and know that because of him ALL is possible and ALL good has happened to me because of him.

You may not necessarily be a person that goes to church...I don't as often as I should at all, I don't even read my Bible as I should...But I believe in GOD and know that because of him I am where I am today --- so I encourage you, when a moment that you are alone -- in the shower, driving to work, doing yard work, etc. take that time to pray -- pray for that positive energy to fill your veins and run through your body throughout your day!! It makes such a difference.

I end this in a thank you to all of you! Throughout my day you fill me with positive thoughts and words that I know are a big help in my day along with my morning prayer! Thank you!