Friday, May 11, 2012

Team Tausha!

“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother - Oprah Winfrey”

Wow! I cannot believe I am approaching 3 months that Mike has made his Heavenly Entrance --- I feel as though it was just yesterday, yet continue to be blessed with Mike to be a part of my every day. Only a few times have I not dreamt of Mike in my sleep. It really is the best sleep. It is such a presence as if we are catching up after a long day…we talk of things that are happening that day, it is quite comforting. Also it seems daily that I find him somewhere in the middle of my day whether it be a shape in a cloud at that just moment when he knows I need him, or a certain song playing with those just right words…GOD remains to bless me daily with these signs and I do not go a day without the Strong Like Bull ora surrounding me.

This week was a HUGE milestone, I mean HUGE! There remain some places still to this day that I get choked up visiting…some being restaurants that Mike and I used to eat at, dreading seeing the familiar faces that offer just a smile not really knowing what to say, for they miss Mike just as much as I do. Being back at work has been a HUGE blessing and I pray daily to continue to make breakthroughs in my daily strides. BUT the most remarkable place I went back to this week was MD Anderson. I volunteer here, but have shied away the past few months, and not for the reason of having any ill feelings, just fear. MDA is a beautiful place with Amazing people and though it was not the BEST of times, Mike and I surely met some amazing people, created some great and long lasting friendships and had plenty of laughs. I suppose I feared the walks down the hallways, past the cafĂ© we used eat at, entering the elevators that we rode up and down so much and just sitting in benches we used to sit in between appointments – all these thoughts lingered, but thankful this week GOD intervened and I stepped back through those front doors and have truly been blessed! I know some feel that Facebook is the “devil” and all It does is create drama – for those mind sets, I say FB is what YOU make it. Just as in your life, YOU create what you allow to take you down and what things are said or done to you affect your outlook. Granted there are MANY people, who use FB for bad, but for me, it is my daily therapy and I am blessed to be in touch with others that I may not see everyday, but yet I feel like I am just sitting across from a friend chewing the fat and never skipping a beat. This week, FB has brought an amazing family into my life that has allowed me to set aside my fear and walk through the doors of MDA with my head held high! The family I speak of are The Bowsers.

Through FB I learned of this family through a mutual friend that we both went to High School with. Early this week Tausha became sick and was rushed to Bayshore where he life was in critical condition. After a series of testing, on May 07, 2012 she was rushed to MDA with a diagnosis of Leukemia. (After some further testing she has been diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia (Aplastic anemia is not a type of cancer but may be associated with certain cancers (especially those affecting the bone marrow, such as leukemia) or cancer treatments. A small number of patients with aplastic anemia may develop leukemia.) -- testing is still being done to determine this as her final diagnosis. I reached out to her husband via FB to offer myself in any way I could – being very familiar with MDA and having just gone through this with my Husband, I thought if anything I could offer words of advise with upcoming challenges that will be faced. No doubt they have a HUGE base of family and friends to offer support and love, but as I have learned having someone who has gone through what you have gone through (especially when it comes to a spouse) I just prayed to GOD that I was doing the right thing. I received an email back and was invited to come visit Tausha and Jon, for MDA is quite overwhelming and any words were welcome. Little did I know that Jon had not told Tausha I was coming (for he knew that she may be hesitant at first with meeting a “stranger”) but oh how did that walk through that door change all of our lives forever.

I entered the room, immediately had a peace and calm come over me. There lay a beautiful mother of four grinning ear to ear with the same look of peace in her eyes. We immediately connected and after an hour and half passed it was time for me to leave, but I walked out feeling I had known her for years and her as well to me. I asked if I could come back that evening to meet her hubby and she was excited for her kids were coming that night to visit (which it was almost 2 weeks since she had seen them in person, only via-Skype). I was a little nervous, for I did not want to intrude on this special visit, but they both assured me it would be fine! I headed back to MDA that night and as I turned the corner, I approached Tausha, Jon and their 4 beautiful children! There was nothing but smiles, laughs, hugs and though Mommy is sick, there were no tears or fearful faces…it was all bravery! I felt so blessed to be a part of this visit and get to hug and meet these precious angels. Soon after that I headed back to Tausha’s MDA Suite (You know I always reference as Hotel MDA) and this is it! Before I knew, it was going on almost 11 and the time had just flown by. We laughed, joked, cried and just continued to get to know each other as though it seemed we had been friends since childhood – for this I am so grateful! I received a message from Jon as I left and he said he had not seen Tausha laugh as much as she had in weeks and for me it was a huge milestone as well – HUGE Therapy session for the both us ALL – Thank You JESUS!

Tausha started chemo yesterday and thus far it will continue for 3 more days, 4 hours a day. She remains in and out of pain, but it is being managed and Jon has not left her side. Her team of nurses are great as well as her team of doctors. She has had an HUGE response to her Team Tausha FB page – please visit and Like. It also offers an abundance of information about the needs of Tausha right now (she is in need daily of single donor platelets) You can donate directly to MDA and they will go directly to her account (You can also ask for a cool shirt!) There is also information about a benefit coming up to raise money for outstanding medical bills and to provide for her family while she is at MDA. It is greatly appreciate by ALL!

In closing, I remain thankful to GOD for allowing me into the Bowser’s life and them into mine as well – I feel we are ALL truly blessed for this new friendship.

Believe me Cancer SUCKS and I know the Devil wishes for nothing more than it to continue to tear us down – but little does he know, it actually BRINGS US CLOSER!


Team Tausa Website:!/TeamTausha