Thursday, May 21, 2009

The BIG 3-0!

Wow! May 20, 30 years ago I was born!! What a grand day! I know there were trumpets blazing in my honor! Haha! Nope more or less my mom originally thought she had bad gas and when realized it wasn't and it was actually contractions Mom & Dad rushed to the hospital and hours (during a painless labor) as my mom tells me -- I was born! (My mom did write a great blog...a sort of birthday present to me) I loved it --

Years ago I found out Cher and I shared the same birthday...whoa! That was so cool to me - to share my birthday with a STAR! I wasn't really a fan of Cher's, except for the fact I loved the role she played in MASK. Well as the years have gone on -- The BEST part about my birthday is sharing it...not with a STAR, but with my FABULOUS Family & Friends!!

Wow! I didn't really know what your 30th...I knew that I didn't want a huge bash, but something intimate with family and close friends...I was blown away!

My weekend started off spending time with my Husband and family at the lake - it was a great time! It is never ENOUGH time but I was greatful to be with them and enjoy simplicity at the lake and hear stories from the past!!

My work week started off great! Wednesday I woke up to kisses from Hubby, the boys and kitty! It was nice and I knew my day was off to a good start! We ordered in at work and got to catch up with my Boss and Yvette on what else is going on other than work. As we were eating Rick popped in with a gourgeous boquet of roses -- he has amazed me the last 2 years and again he put a smile on my face! The day went on and The office had ordered a yummy cake which we all dug into and enjoyed --- a little too much, I was full!! As the day was winding down a guy came through the door with flowers from my Mamma-Deen!! She always has the best boquets each year!!

Off from work and off to Maggie's - she has prepared a Mexican Feast -- OMG! It was delicious!! She did a great job prepping it all! Fabulous decorations, great company, yummy cake and just all around good time! Coming home, I did cry -- happy tears of course. Listening to Candlebox a song came on - a song about growing and changing -- it hit home, cause I have changed so much not in these past 30 years, I have grown in the last 2 years! Once home I opened Mike's gift -- I LOVE windchimes, and Mike got me the prettiest stained glass set!! After that it was relaxing and off to bed.

I'm so fortunate and excited because it's not over -- We have a weekend planned in Galveston and a fun boat day with Maggie and The Boys on Monday!! I'm stoked!!

In conclusion for today -- I AM SOOO VERY BLESSED! I have a fantastic family and great friends that have become close and truly loved by Mike & I. My theme song for this is 'My Next 30 Years' by Tim McGraw! I can't wait for my next 30!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I just got news yesterday that a childhood friend passed away along with her sister Friday evening. Monika Rivera was a great friend growing up and we were so very close -- we had a "click". Me, Keelie, Elisia & Monika. We were always together. I am taking this passing alot harder than others I believe because we have such a past.

I remember growing up my mom could always pull out her yearbook and point out classmates that had passed due to various reasons, and I always thought how strange that must feel to know you were friends with those people and now they are gone...not just gone, but in the prime of their life leaving behind family, friends, etc.

I got the news from Elisia that Monika and her sister went to be with the Lord on Friday due to a driver that hit them head on while coming into their lane of traffic. She leaves behind 3 beautiful children who will forever be without their mommy.

I don't really know what I want to write or say. I just know that Monika and I always remained friends throughout the years and thanks to MYSPACE I have got to watch her children grow and keep up with her thourgh emails and phone. She spent my mom's bday with us in mom had always liked her so much and was happy to have her be a part of this day.

I remember staying the night at Monika's house -- playing 'Girl Talk', crank calling boys we liked and staying up way to late and trying to keep it low so her parents wouldnt wake up :) There are alot of memories we have of Monika and she is truly going be missed so much.

I understand now as I have gotten older what it feels like now to look through old albums and see pictures of friends that have been lost -- I never thought I would...

I am a strong believer in that GOD does have a reason for EVERYTHING!! Monika was on this earth for a reason...She will be missed but NEVER forgotten! I am thankful for our friendship and the effect she had on me in my life.

Monika - you were taken from this Earth for a reason -- reasons that are beyond us... We love you and you! Your family will continue to be in our prayers everyday!

May you rest in peace and I hope you smile when looking down on us from above and I hope we continue to make you proud to call us your FRIEND!

Friday, May 8, 2009

HANNA MONTANA...I know My husband laughs too!

Can't help it for a young girl she is talented and I love her most recent song, "The Climb". I have to give the girl some props for having the dad that has it all...Billy Ray (business in the front / party in the back) and being rocked to sleep to "Achy Breaky Heart". Anywhoo I do get laughed at for getting caught on the Disney Channel watching her show - oh well! It's intertaining and I'm sure if I had children I would be selling my left kidney to get to her concert too -- :)

Well the weekend is here -- Mom is coming in tonight. We're getting mani/pedi and catching up and taking Grandma to lunch tomorrow. Cant wait!! I really cant wait to get to the nail salon - it has become to the point that they are going to need the major equipment, the one they bring out special from the back that their blowing cobwebs off of and smiling politley at you while laughing inside!! Oh well!

Work has been fantastic lately along with my personal life as well -- and I'm counting down the days to my 3-0!! Padre here we come!! So over the top excited...I just may actually do the robot as I'm making my way to the file room.

Back to Hannah Montana -- on a serious note -- her song "The Climb" --- An awesome song and so true to everyday life!! Take a listen if you havent heard.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Last night I cried...I remembered Grandpa's Birthday would be tomorrow...or it would have been his birthday...but wait - it still is his birthday...right? Either way I remembered this year I couldn't send him a card --

Every year -- since before I was able to buy my own cards, you know the ones that mom/dad pick out and you get to sign your name with big XOXO in your oh so proud to show off 2nd grade cursive... Well every year no matter my age, I always bought those little fuzzy 'From Granddaughter to Grandpa' cards -- it was just what we did -- He loved them just as much as I enjoyed shopping for the perfect one...Usually fuzzy bear with a hint of glitter with some cheesy very adolescent poem - Grandma told me tonight he has saved everyone.

Today my Grandfather has been past for 3 months -- I haven't been to his gravesite since the funeral nor has my Grandma. Last night I cried realizing that it was his birthday and I wasn't going to send a card. Mike suggested that we go to the gravesite and visit. I had not thought of that - I've honestly never had a person so close that I have lost and have never visited a gravesite of a loved one - so I was anxious, nervous and excited. I called Grandma right away to see if she'd be interested and she was -- I was happy!

Picked Grandma up -- and if you know me, you know I NEVER get anywhere on time -- I really try, but it doesn't happen. I pull up and Grandma is sitting in the garage -- smoking her ciggarette nervously and reminds me that she is set in her ways and waiting has always raised her blood pressure and makes her nervous. I immediatly got nervous, but knew in my heart, she was nervous too -- it was her first time to visit Grandpa...her best friend..."A wonderful husband" as she refers to him...she has not been back since the day of his service.

We hop in the truck and head out -- I was so nervous -- I grew up in Deer Park and could not even remember where the funeral home was -- Grandma reminded me and assured that I was driving too close and not completly stopping at the stop signs. HA! Nerves were in the air -- but I understand -- You are with someone for 59 years and one day no more.

We pulled in the cemetary -- I was for sure I knew where he was -- she wasn't -- we were both wrong. (he has'nt gotten a headstone yet) As we walked around, all of a sudden there was a wind...a calm wind and Grandma said "that's it"... "I remember seeing that dented headstone when we came last time...we stopped, paused and absorbed the precense around us and it felt right -- I cried, Grandma hugged me and we stayed and talked memories and the FABULOUS life my Grandfather led. It was good -- I had peace and I feel Grandma did too.

I am home now, thinking how fortunate I am to have experienced this with my Grandma -- I feel she thinks the same and we will forever have this bond.

Happy Birthday Grandpa! Love Jocko!