Friday, October 29, 2010

Not Just LIP Service

And that is exactly what you WILL NOT get when you meet Gayla Bentley!! She is everything you read about, all that you saw on TV, and I had the pleasure of meeting her today for lunch at our building.

My Boss and I met Gayla a few weeks back and immediately Renee’ recognized her from ABC’s ‘The Shark Tank’. She was the winner in 2009. Her and Renee’ immediately clicked as they had 3 things in common – Sass, Red Nails & The Signature Red Lips! I was truly excited when Renee’ pulled me aside to meet her and we were informed she was hosting a L.I.P.S. fashion show at our building – if you know anything about her and her wonderful creations and empire, you would be excited too (especially if you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fashion!) That day alone, I was thrilled to have met her and leave it at that and always know that I had met her and keep that with me forever!

A few days later, we received an invite to her fashion show that was being held at our building and she would love for us to be her guests! How fun is that! I was like a little kid. Not to be redundant, but as I always say I LOVE my celebrities, and I am sure if Brett Michaels or Chef Ramsey showed up at our building for whatever reason, I would be completely impressed – but for some reason, to know the background of Gayla and the trials she overcame to be where she is today and become so successful ---- AND be a local Houstonian, I was a lot more in awe!

Today was a blast! We attended the show where lunch was served while watching some amazing designs were modeled before us. Gorgeous and very sheik designs – tailored for ALL sizes and very affordable! It was a pure treat, just wishing I had a few more dollars to spend, but if I would have bought one, I would have bought them ALL!

When the show was over, it was so touching to have Gayla and her Mom (who has overcome major hurdles too in her lifetime she shared with us) is in good health and walked down the runway with Gayla as we all applauded. Gayla after some photos were taken and I stalked her completely to get some pics, she greeted every guest in that room. I did not see one person she did not go up and personally thank for being there and showing support – there was not a stranger in that room to her. I was impressed and touched once again!

As the show was over, we browsed her collection and got to talk in detail with her and it was quite a treat! She is an amazing woman that had a dream and fully took a hold of the reins and control of the vision and today is so very successful and sought after by many!

Today, yet another day is one I will remember. Another day that I will be thankful for that I was given this opportunity! GOD truly opens doors daily, and after meeting Gayla and hearing her story today, GOD is very apparent in her life yesterday, today and forever!

XOXO Lyndie

I’ve attached a news story of Gayla, Her Shark Tank Winning Moment and her website – check it out if you have a moment!

Gayla Website ---

Gayla on The News ---

Gayla on Shark Tank ---

Do You See What I See??

“Once more Jesus put his hands on the man's eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly – Mark 8:25”

Well this has started off to be a Friday Morning of good news! Mike called this AM from his Eye Doctor appointment at MD, and his vision has been restored to 20/20 vision!

Along this journey, complications arose prior to Mike having Full Brain radiation and a tumor had developed on his Optic Nerve, and at one time the Doctors told us that Mike may lose his vision completely in his right eye. For Mike this was terrifying as it would be to anyone. He has always had great vision and the line of work he is in; he depends a lot on his eyes. Also we cannot forget the fact of possibly losing the ability to scope out that deer or hog ;)

Once Full Brain radiation was administered, it still was not 100% sure that the vision would be restored. He was very fortunate the tumor laid upon an area of the optic nerve that was acceptable to the radiation without damaging the eyes themselves from the actual radiation. We stayed hopeful. Many visits to the Ophthalmologist (and on a side note, Mike was sent to one of the, if not the TOP ophthalmologist at MD) GOD has been so good in placing us in the hands of the most skilled Doctors on this journey. Thanks to Maggie, she researches these facts.

With each visit, things did look up but we had not had any full confirmation until today that it has been restored back to 20/20! Now if I am missing anything, my apologies…I only spoke to Mike for a second and he gave me the most important information – I will keep all posted on future visits pertaining to the eyes, to ensure they stay in tip top condition.

Wow! Again, GOD has showed us this morning that he continues to work daily in our lives. Though it may not always seem to be on our time and at our speed, just when you least expect (and as I have said, with Cancer, I am learning to expect nothing and ready for anything!) GOD shines down and lays his healing hands upon us! As I always say, this journey is far from over, but daily, GOD ensures me to stay focused, stay strong, be courageous and TRUST in him completely – for I have given it all to him – He is pretty good at what he does ;)

I wish you all a Fabulous Friday – Here in Houston, we are Sunny and a Crisp Chill in the air! Hoping this last for a little while and Excited to feel this weather is like the entry way into the Holiday Season!

In closing, as always THANK YOU ALL for continued prayers, thoughts and spirits sent our way! They ARE working daily and being felt throughout!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Feel The Rain on YOUR Skin

I know I have so many favorite songs – a lot for no other reason than just the beat that gets me going and I can sing along to. Not a whole lot growing up that I listened to, did I analyze the ACTUAL words and try to relate or while listening try to read more into the words than I should – I just like music…all kinds! (Oh especially those “drop it low songs” haha – I still have no rhythm and never will, but its fun to try to “Drop it low, low, low every once in a while ;)

Well now that I am older, as I listen to music, especially some soulful tunes, I listen to the words a little more – not necessarily try to find them and connect them to my life, but really relate to the pain, joy, sadness, happiness or confusion that the artist may have been going through when writing this song. But then there are some songs that I hear and it clicks while driving and the words just POP out and it makes me think a little harder and appreciate the words a little more and take a piece of that song and connect it to my life, a situation that I have experienced or one that I may be experiencing at that moment.

As you all know, I am a Reality Show Junkie – and in all fairness I do call it “TRASH-ality” because the shows I watch are far from the wholesome ones you find on the Local Networks like Amazing Race, Survivor or The Apprentice – you know shows with real meaning ;) haha! Nope I go for the complete opposite – Anything BRAVO, VH1, E! Channel, MTV (which the only one I watch is 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom) and my new addiction TRU TV! But at one time, I was a complete nut bag over The Hills; you know the one that is COMPLETELY Real, not scripted. I actually miss that one now that I think about it.

Well my point is that all those shows, I don’t really ever pay attention or hear a theme song, but with The Hills, I loved the intro song “Feel the Rain on Your Skin”. Every time the show came on, that was one of my favorite parts – It made me want to put on a sundress, get up and twirl around outside and let the rain or sun come down on me – not a care in the world just dance!

The lyrics really stood out to me today ---- > “Feel the rain on your skin; No one else can feel it for you - Live your life with arms wide open; Today is where your book begins; The rest is still unwritten” These words just grabbed me and I felt what the song means – well what it means to me. No matter what any of us are going through – we are the ONLY ones that can feel it for US. Though we all may be experiencing the same situation, just as some see the glass half empty, I will always continue to see it half full. No one else can tell you how to feel nor can you tell them.

Though we try so hard to map out our future, the truth is, each day is a new beginning, a day for you to start a new page. Though I know in my heart GOD has his plan in motion and he ultimately will determine our path, we every day can determine how we are going to live that day that has been given to us. No one else can feel what we are feeling – “the rain on OUR skin” feels different to us all. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE knowing we have a chance to create the “unwritten” each and every day!

Glad I heard this song today and felt that feeling.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick-OR-Treat, Smell My Feet

Hi Everyone!

Can you believe it is ALREADY the end of October? The Holidays are around the corner! Oh my, what a year it has been! And though it has been a year of some heartache and in most eyes, dilemmas or despair…it has ALSO been a year of much growth for us all, including Mike and I.

I have this past year become so much stronger in my faith. I remind myself that I always have had it, but I know over the years though I have it, I don’t think I have trusted in it as much as I have this year. I have redeveloped my own relationship with GOD, became closer to him, continue to grow closer to him and through this journey, have had many people reach out to me and confide that through our journey, they too have in their own lives reached out to GOD and have given their troubles and any issues whether it be financial, health, relationships, work, etc…they too have turned these things over to GOD and have started to allow him to work in their lives as ONLY he can.

It has been a week or so since I last updated, so I wanted to take a moment to send out what is happening here in our “neck of the woods”. With (1) Full Brain Radiation and (2) chemo treatments under his belt, Mike continues to feel good. We of course did not know what to expect and as always prepared for anything and after all the warnings we were given that could come along with chemo, Mike has been very fortunate and only had minimal side effects. He has continued to feel tired, not completely weak to the point of not wanting to get out of bed, just tiring easily depending all upon what his day involves. He has experienced off and on headaches which come and go and sometimes depends on what he has done also through his day and now that the World Series is here, I hope they don’t become regular with him stressing over The Rangers – haha! He will undergo his next Lung Chemo on November 3 and Spinal Chemo on November 13th. Please continue to pray that these treatments also provide minimal side effects and he remains strong through the holidays and beyond.

As for him physically, he has stayed pretty active and I feel it has been great for him. Mari, a childhood friend of Maggie’s & Mike’s came down for a stay this past week and the three of them escaped to The Beach house for a few days. Mike was able to fish, do a little shopping, eat A LOT of good food and relax. We were able to visit with family over the weekend and in between get some rest and backyard dog time in with the “wet-nosed” kiddos. Granted there are days where he doesn’t really want to do a WHOLE LOT and lounging on the couch watching Judge Judy and Wendy Williams (shhhh. He is a closet fan!) < ----- It has taken a few years, but I catch him watching my reality shows ;) But the majority of days he wakes up, thanks GOD for another day and remains in good spirits and continues to stay in battle mode against the Devil and this Disease.

I myself have been feeling good. I continue to be thankful for GOD being so present in our lives and working so hard to remind us daily he is here, even though the Devil will find any crack to slither in and fill my head and heart with doubt. Our Family and Friends have been beyond wonderful. A wonderful support group, Amazing Listeners, Yummo Cooks (we have had some REALLY good dishes delivered to us, I am defiantly feeling the ‘sympathy weight’ haha and acquiring a little shape – I like it ;) and just the biggest hearts that anyone could ever open up to us!! When this is all over and we look back years from now, ALL of you will ALWAYS be remembered for joining us and staying with us through this journey!

As Halloween approaches in the next few days, I wish you all to be safe and enjoy all the ghouls and goblins that will make their way to your doorstep and if you are the one stepping out into the neighborhood to collect all that irresistible chocolate and goodies, you too be safe and enjoy!

I will end tonight with a huge hug and many kisses as I always do to all of you far and wide. Family, Friends and all of you who have joined us in this journey along the way via-family and friends of your own have now become our Friends in spirit. Each day, Mike and I wake up and continue to be instilled with strength, courage and filled with Love because of GOD and all of you – we are FOREVER grateful!

Much Love,

Lyndie OXO

Friday, October 22, 2010

Step On A Crack - Break Your Mamma's Back

OK! So I read my horoscope and at 11:11 I make a wish & ANY time I find a “wishbone” type twig or bone, I MAKE Hubby break it with me to make a wish – but I wouldn’t call me supersticious…right?

Well!! Today, not being any out of the normal day such as Friday The 13th or Halloween, etc. it has REALLY turned out to be a FREAKY Friday. Here, let me fill you in.

So today at work around 11:30, I get a call and (thanks to Caller ID) I glance to see who is calling. All it says is Zimmerman. So I answer it (knowing it is not a tenant) and say my usually greeting, and no one is there and a dial tone appears. Ok, no worries. So a little while later, My Boss and I along with our Engineer scout out some questionable spaces here in our building on the tunnel level that are vacant but holding storage, etc and we need to find the owner. As we are down there in an abandoned office, I see a notice hanging on the wall – it is an Obituary for a – are you ready…”Mr. Zimmerman” who passed away in 2005!!!!! What The H***!! Eeek! That was eeery, but just a couinsedence…right?

Today for lunch we decided to venture out in the tunnel system and I have had my eye on this little Tex-Mex place that has this HUMONGOUS Burrito special on Fridays for like $2.99 SMOTHERED in queso! So we had down there and I place my order. I order that along with a medium sweet tea and a side of sour cream. So I go to check out and my total is – are you ready for this…$6.66 – No Lie!!! I quickly added a tip to ensure that amount was not on any future paperwork. Aye!

Lunch is over and we are headed back to the office through the tunnel and just this AM, a lady had slipped and fell on a non-wet, non-tripping hazard type location…well I at the same EXACT spot did the same thing!! I caught myself luckily but was pretty shakin’ up – Shucks!! It has been a day!

Needless to say when we took over this building we were told by the previous owner that this building is haunted…a ghost by the name of “Emily” roams the 17th floor. I have yet to see her or know anything about her story, so does she exist?? Now I am starting to wonder ;)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Head, Shoulder, Knees & Toes -- Knees & Toes

Hi Everyone!

Hoping you all have enjoyed your Monday and your week is off to a good start! I always say “It is one day closer to Friday!”

As you all know, Mike started chemo-therapy last Wednesday Night. As with all information you read of chemo, there are side effects (sometimes)…some minimal and some extreme! Well we continue to Thank GOD that Mike’s side effects have not yet been extreme and remain to be at a low scale. He feels as he has he since the Full Brain radiation, tired and not a lot of energy. He had not experienced any nausea, fever or anything that has sent him back into the Doctors office. He experienced one bad morning on Friday (about 48 hours after his treatment) a really achy sensation all through is body and muscles. He rested all that morning and by the afternoon he was feeling better, eating lunch and up and about.

Our weekend was nice and the weather enjoyable. He continued to feel good throughout the weekend and we even got out to a new little spot in Anahuac, TX (about 30 min. from the house) that we have taken a liking to. I don’t know if it is what you call an alligator habitat, but it homes a lot of gators and some big ones that are hungry! We drove out there and fed them – it was fun. There were some HUGE Mama-Jammas (Pics on Facebook - almost 10 to 12 feet!)

Well today Monday (continued from a visit that Mike went to on Thursday to visit a Brain & Spine Doctor) they decided that it would be best at this time to administer Chemo directly to the spine, which will interact directly with the spinal fluid. This fluid travels around the spine and around the brain. The chemo that he underwent on Wednesday will affect his whole entire body, including the spine tissue and any metastasis that have attached to the spine. The chemo that they injected today will run through the entire spinal fluid system and attack the cells that are floating and re-creating in this fluid – the doctor explained that this chemo attacks certain areas that the Lung chemo may not exactly reach. Also, this will happen once a month till December. The other chemo for the Lung Cancer has one more treatment in November.

Now as I have said times before, I am in no way medically inclined to guarantee that I am repeating this verbatim, but the diagram he showed me and the words that he spoke, pretty much are what I mentioned above. It seems that there should be one chemo to treat the entire Cancer, but there isn’t and just as the medical team has created this particular chemo for Mike for the entire body last week, this has also been created for him to attack the cells in the spinal fluid. The side effects are to be the same, which include nausea, fever, swelling, rash and others – but to help curve these side effects, they have upped Mike’s steroids again. Needless to say he was not happy and once again, tried to convince the Nurse & Doctor to take him off ;) I think we hope that one day they will agree and realize he doesn’t need them…not the case thus far, so he must take them. BUT there is a light at the end of the tunnel (and I have realized sometimes when I write these emails, I speak prematurely – because as you realize with Cancer, you MUST live day to day and not guess or plan the days ahead – it continues to change!) BUT…they did say that after Friday he is OFF the steroids and no more till his next chemo treatment in November.

So as we come to the end of his 5th full day of Lung Chemo and enter the 1st full day of Spine chemo tomorrow – I continue to pray that his side effects remain the same and all he feels is the tiredness. All the doctors continue to tell him the same thing -- he is young and strong and he should be fine with all that comes his way. Thus far, I am beyond over-the-moon so proud of him for all that he has endured. Oh yeah, speaking of --- the chemo today was administered directly into the spinal fluid via a 10 to 12 inch needle!!! Ochie wah wah!! For that I am truly proud of him also – It looked painful and I held his hand the entire time (not even realizing that though he is a little weak, boy he has not lost his strength – I might need an X-ray for my right hand ;)

I leave you all with the same closing as I always do. We both thank you so very much for the prayers and continued thoughts that continue to lift Mike up daily along with myself and our family! This journey is not near an end, but each day we are able to wake up and Thank GOD for another day – a day of instilled strength, a day of continued hope to beat this disease, a day that offers a new beginning and a day of peace knowing that GOD continues to be in control and will continue to guide us, hold our hand and lift our heads during these trying times.

We are so blessed to have you all, far and wide to travel this journey with us each step with each day!

Much Love to you All,

Lyndie XOXO

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why Hello Mr. President

OK OK OK -- For those of you who know me -- I am NOT Political at ALL! The most political I get is purchasing the latest issue of PEOPLE Magazine to see what the Michelle Obama is wearing or watching a History Channel special on JFK. I know I know, maybe I should be more political...I suppose -- BUT I will not even go there. I'd almost rather see my Favorite TRASH-ality stars running to fill that Oval Office, you know, Brett Michael's (I'm sure that Rock of Love Bus would look great in front of the White House) and maybe Flava-Flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav! (All of the White House staff might look great sportin a HUGE Clock around their necks) oh or better yet my ALL time FAVORITE Chef Ramsey -- He would for sure shape all those "Bloody Goats" into order and have that White House running right :)

But not the case and will never be, so for now I will continue to watch the news, try to understand the politics, be criticized by those who think I should know it and hope that one day maybe someone will actually vote Kinky Friedman or The Naked Cowboy into the Office...

Anyhow, the point of this blog, though I am NOT political, I do have a place in my heart for George Bush Sr. -- I always have. So as I went along at work today doing what I do, I got a call from the Security Desk informing me that The President, The President Bush Sr. wanted to meet me!!! Hahaha!!! Kidding!!!!!!!!! But I did get a call saying that he was making his way down from a lunch meeting and I could get a pic!! Whoopie I was excited!

It was the most amazing experience ever -- (other than the night that I met My Husband -- that was unforgettable) but this was almost as amazing! So I get the call, I head downstairs and wait...and then it happened...the elevator doors opened and out walked Mr. Bush!

He was so very polite, very Southern and though he is older now and walking with a limp, he is still full of spunk and was cracking jokes...I was in complete awe! Myself along with the others that I work with spoke with him for a few minutes as he talked about heading off to College Station and he will be here soon again. We walked him to his car (along with a few Secret Service Personnel) said our goodbyes and off he went.

This is a day I will never forget! I can't explain the experience, especially not being a political person, but all I can say is I would for sure have chosen George over ANY BRAVO Housewife ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


"For I KNOW The Plans I HAVE For YOU - DECLARES The LORD - Plans To Prosper You And Not To Harm You, Plans To Give You HOPE & A Future - Jeremiah 29:11

Man oh man – that METRO-Rail ride to MD Anderson this morning was harsh. I for the entire night prior to our visit with Mike’s Oncologist could not sleep. Not necessarily nervous, but just anxious! I really had no expectation, but was ready and prepared for ANYTHING! So as I made my way to the Tram and rode to MD Anderson, I received a few texts and emails reminding me of all that are praying for Mike and lifting him up in spirits, it provided peace, but until I was sitting there with my husband and knowing exactly what we were looking to endure with any possibility of the cancer spreading due to it being much more aggressive than it was first anticipated.

Maggie and Mike were already there and sitting in the waiting area talking to a few patients waiting to see the Doctors and one in particular had nothing, per Mike, to say good about treatment, etc. Mike said he told him “I gave it to GOD.” and continued to visit with Maggie.

Before the Doctor came in, a resident came in from Baylor that is working with Dr. Tsao and asked the usual questions, etc. from the information that he had from the charts and scans done just the day before. He asked Mike if he was feeling any pain and if he had gone through radiation other than his Brain a week prior? Any radiation to the areas that the chemo was going to treat? We explained no and he proceeded to say that he does not have any explanation, but some of the metastasis have actually shrunk…SHRUNK??? And without chemo even being in the picture yet. He was not able to explain. He informed us that some as some of the metastasis have developed (not in any new areas – we are still seeing the cancer in all the original areas from the first diagnosis on 07/19/10) but as those have formed, others are shrinking in the sternum and pelvic bone area. Say What?

Dr. Tsao came in (and on a side note – that woman has style! She was in an amazing little suit with some high-heel boots - very stylish!) and proceeded to tell Mike that nothing has changed since the original diagnosis and that it looks as if though Mike’s Body (itself) is fighting the Cancer! Mike immediately pointed his finger up and said “It’s GOD!” I truly did not know what to expect and as I said, was prepared for anything – but received an instant chill through my body when those words were said “It’s something that we can’t explain.” Praise GOD!!! Dr. Tsao also mentioned that at this time the spine was not a huge concern along with the chemo treatment to the brain and they will move forward with just chemo at this time.

Chemo will start today in just a few hours. They have prescribed Mike with anti-nausea medicine and feel confident that he will do well with it. The day is finally here. As I mentioned I am no longer anticipating the future and how this will affect him, and I will continue to give this ALL to GOD and know that he will remain in control throughout this journey and beyond! I will continue to keep you all posted throughout treatment. The journey is not near over, but the healing HAS Begun!!

As ALWAYS and I will continue to say in all my updates – THANK YOU ALL for Prayers and the Spirits sent our way – The Prayers ARE Working and they are welcomed!! Family, Friends and whoever is reading this through a forwarded email report – Thank you, Thank You Thank You for believing and keeping the faith!

Much Love XOXO


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GO Tell It On The Mountain

Well tomorrow is THE Day – The Day that Mike will start his chemotherapy. It’s so trivial how through all this time, these things that we knew may come to pass are here and though we have prepared for these events during this journey – the fact that it is all less than 24 hours away just fills me with anxiety.

I am in such a good place today and for the past couple of days. I am no longer dwelling on the days ahead in fear – I know that our days ahead may be filled with ones that aren’t so sunshiny – but I know now and completely feel that the days of good will surpass the bad.

I have never been shy about my faith and the fact that every chance I get I will not pass the moment to tell someone, anyone that will listen how GOD has Blessed me in my life. This journey alone has offered me so many opportunities already to share our praises with you all, people in passing and people possibly before they were sent an email or a prayer request were strangers to Mike and I. I personally have never dealt with Cancer directly with anyone that I spent a great deal with such as my husband. We are together every day and every night. Though there has been some up and down days which have had a lot to do with the medications that he is on at this time, he has remained so strong and courageous thus far and I could not be more proud than I am today – and believe me, this admiration will only grow through this journey.

Mike months prior to his diagnosis was the type that could not even stand a flu shot without feeling faint. To this date he has had Brain Surgery, he has been poked and prodded by small and large needles, he has given no telling how much blood and endures daily meds that work together through his body all for different purposes but for the same purpose. He has felt feelings of insecurity, sadness, mad, happy, faithful and angry again – all sometimes within an hour! He is a true soldier and continues to battle this daily with no looking back – He continues to be my hero!

As I sit here tonight, I can see him in the bedroom watching TV while playing with the “wet-nosed” kiddos”. His life again tomorrow is bringing something new, a new agent to his body to help fight this disease that will once again alter him in some way or another – I look at him now and he looks fearless, like a warrior.

Mike has truly opened himself up to GOD in the past few months and though we have had battles and dealt with thoughts of doubt, he ultimately knows that GOD is in control. I myself have stated that I have always have had a strong base in my faith and positivity, but I can whole-heartedly say that this journey has re-confirmed my faith that I have had for all these years – the same faith that has brought me through trials in my life – I see it working in front of me daily – Through my husband, through me, through our family and through our friends.

It is quite amazing and I have to let you all --- know that EVERY prayer is being heard – every tear with every cry is being wiped, every scream of despair is being silenced – all of this is being done with faith in knowing that GOD is and always will be in control – through this journey and all journeys that we take along our lifetime – YES…he IS that Good!!

I ask tonight from you all – no matter where you find your quiet time, but when you do, say a prayer for Mike tonight. Pray for his continued strength through this journey and as he starts chemo tomorrow. Pray for his peace of mind. Pray for his strong mentality to continue. Pray for his spiritual relationship with GOD to continue to grow and he knows him better every day. Pray for him to handle this chemo and whatever he may endure with his treatments. Pray for continued healing that is already taking place in his body. Pray for his team of Doctors and Nurses that have and continue to put hours and hours into a treatment plan specifically made for him. Pray for our Family to continue to be the amazing people that they are for us through this.

In ending I thank you ALL! Through you, we are instilled with strength each day! The prayers and good spirits sent our way, continue to lift us ALL up and allow us to wake each morning and thank GOD for this day and what lies ahead. We have complete trust in him and beyond thankful for that peace in our hearts. I will continue to keep you all posted as always.

OH!!! And was in such great spirits yesterday, Maggie and The Boys came over to celebrate his 35th Birthday with us! It was pure JOY and such a good time! Thanks to Maggie who ALWAYS captures those “KODAK Moments”.

Much Love to you ALL,


Sunday, October 10, 2010

It Feels Good Feelin' Good Again

“In His Heart a Man Plans His Course; BUT The LORD Determines HIS Steps - Proverbs 16:9”

I suppose when I read this verse, I am first taken back in the sense that, “So I can plan my course through life and no matter what…GOD Already has determined what steps, what paths I am going to take?” So why does it matter what I do or where I go if GOD already has this planned out for me? WRONG way to think! Though I can easily take this verse as this, I choose to interpret in the way that “I can make all plans that I want to and plan my course through life, and I must know that it is not that they are not my thoughts and my roads I have planned, only that GOD has final say in which path I will take”

This past week has been really trying on my spirits. I have battled major sadness and so much MAD! I have actually found myself asking GOD “Why Us?” “Why Mike and Our Family?” I did this for a few days and then I broke away from the negative thinking and questioning and I prayed. I simply prayed for peace. I did not pray for understanding – it is not for me to understand. I prayed for this to be taken from us and given to GOD completely – for this is bigger than us and we alone cannot “Plan this Course” GOD will ultimately determine our steps.

Believe me this was not as hard this time. I did ask GOD when Mike was first diagnosed and then somewhere along the way, I sort of snuck it back and tried to keep it all to myself and plan this path, this course we were on. Well I will tell you, it is not easy and it only opens doors to allow the Devil insert doubt, confusion, despair and defeat! I felt myself actually stepping outside of my belief and doubting that GOD would do this to us – put this strain and disease on our family, “Why Us?” What had we done to have this happen to us? I suppose I didn’t realize that at first it was the Devil placing these thoughts in my head and my heart – I mean, we are Human and GOD knows that I have these thoughts and it is expected – But you know what? Rather than think these thoughts and continue to have complete trust in GOD, I took the burden back on us and tried to carry it and “Plan” this journey for us – That there my friend was the Devil ensuring me that I could do this all alone.

WRONG! The more burden I took from GOD and placed back on myself and Us, only ensured that my strength would dwindle and I would continue to become weak in this time where I need all my strength! I’m no longer mad, I am GLAD that GOD has only asked one thing of me, of us and this is to Give It ALL to Him and continue to Praise Him! Well I had the Praising him down to a tee, but he is not a big fan of the giving it to him and taking it back – He wants it ALL, as he reminded me today “He Determines OUR Steps”

Mike starts Chemotherapy this week – though we have heard all sorts of stories of side effects and the sickness that may be endured – we are learning to not guess the future – we will allow GOD to Determine HIS Steps.

As always – Mike and I and Our Family continue to thank you for continue prayers – They ARE working and we continue to feel it in our Everyday Lives! We Love you ALL, Far and Wide!!

I have attached some pics of the Bike Ride with our Church we were part of today! It was a beautiful day and It was just what Mike needed to lift his spirits and get that “Feeling Good Feeling” again < ---- A little Robert Earl Keen for ya!

XOOX Lyndie