Friday, July 25, 2014

HUMILITY - Blessing in Disguise

“Humility = humbleness”

WOW!  What a fucking month!! 
I have always been humble…showed gratitude to all who partook in my life…before Mike, During Mike and After…at the ripe ole’ age of 35 had I never expected my adolescent stupid mistakes carry on into my now…welcome to Humility 101.

Ya’ll all know me…whether I see you in person often, text every hour, or via-Facebook (for this is the new norm – and I do not mind…we are all busy) and to allow minutes, hours out of our day to connect vi-internet to see children grow, families develop, and all other intimate details we share…here is mine.

I strive to be SOOOOO positive at all times, for I do not feel like it is your duty to take on any negative in my life – I like to use FB for Happiness, Kartwheels and rainbows ;) but in reality…I have daily struggles.  Had a great upbringing, took some uncharted paths and ultimately ended up marrying the love of my life…he was my true wave on wave.  During this Euphoria,  I ignored and blocked out all the mishaps of my early 20’s…DWI, minor traffic violations that I most likely got the notice and discredited and tossed into the “bill” pile and never looked back…oh my 20’s ---- they seemed so simple and something to never look back at…

As Ya’ll know – I have dreamed of  a JEEP since I was in high school…being raised on dirt roads during my Summers and knowing this vehicle line flowed through my blood…the chance recently came about to have my very own…little did I know 2001-2007 would hop my happiness train and welcome themselves aboard and remind me of what I never took care of and faced.   It has been heck ya’ll…applying for a simple loan to only realize you have NO credit then on top to realize your past quickly catches up with you in a heartbeat and 3K later…you are back to “normal”…(whatever that is)

I suppose my entry is to remind us all…we can run from our past…we can duck and hide and actually walk for a while…but it will catch up.

In closing…Be honest with your surroundings, be honest with your loved ones and FOREMOST, be honest with yourself ---- so worth it in the end.

As of today…I am a proud Owner of a JEEP ---- Ironically my payments start 10/11/14 --- Mike’s Birthday…Still think he remains to poke himself in my life --- I always welcome…


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