Thursday, July 3, 2014

THE 7 (scratch that)...6 YEAR ITCH


My math is SO bad…it would have been 6 years…not 7.  I will never forget the day he called me and asked me to meet him on the Court House steps and make it official --- July 3rd

I want to continue to thank ALL that have been a part of my life past, present and all that will be a part of my future.  I am a blessed to have been loved by such an amazing man! 
As I write this, I am so thank(FULL) for all the support and love from Ya’ll for acceptance and happiness for my NEW journey with “The Mister” ---  It is God’s will for the doors he closes in our lives he TRULY does open up a window and I have been granted a WIDE open window, an opportunity to love again and be loved – I deserve it…we ALL deserve it. 
Today I honor the vows I took with Mike…truly lived till death did us part, and today I continue to truck on and celebrate all the newness that comes my way and all the new memories I continue to make…memories that leave me with a smile at the end of the day…

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