Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lost Hope…A COMPLETE Myth

Do you ever ponder on the things that we focus on…the UN-important things…The Starbucks that got your coffee wrong (YES even though it is a Hundred dollars a cup)…the irate driver cutting you off (yet they may be rushing to a family member in need or meeting a deadline to impress the boss)…these small things at times give us the feeling that it is the end of the world…we lose hope in humanity, ourselves and all around us at times.
I lost my husband to cancer at the age of 33…I NEVER lost HOPE.  I continue to know that I have a purpose as did he while here…we ALL do.  Absorb it all…take chances on someone you never thought you would.  Have NO regrets.  Love your family NO matter how F***ed at times they seem or even you to them.  Know that NO matter the trenches you have crawled, the bridges you have burned, the people you have had to let go in your life to grow…YOU will ALWAYS be you ---- YOU must NEVER lose HOPE in your daily journey ----- OXOXOXOOXOXO

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