Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Feeling "Screwed"


 Oh the joy of being a Houstonian ----

 I recently moved to Kemah and now have a commute to the JFK area near the airport and I love my job, but at the end of the day…is it just me that even though you know that awaiting at home you have either a frozen meal, a home cooked meal or for the health nuts an energized shake full of “stuff” (ingredients I cannot even pronounce) that Jack-N-Box sign like in the alien movies drags you towards the drive through…and next you  know you are purchasing 2 tacos for 99 cents!

 Well dang me for wanting to eat on the go…safer than texting, I am eating on the drive, sloppily letting the taco sauce drip as I maneuver through the traffic and all of a sudden you are cut off by a driver having no intention of respecting your beloved taco devour and now all over your dress…not even a wave to say “Thanks for letting me be an A-Hole and possibly take your life and the loss of your beloved 99 cent taco!”

Driving to work this morning, allowing everyone to pass me as I was going over the speed limit jamming to Foo Fighters I pulled up behind this truck – THE BIGGEST SCREWS I HAVE EVER SEEN…I pulled around it (of course taking a picture before I did --- ***NOTE I DO NOT PROMOTE TAKING PICTURES WHILE DRIVING…BUT COULD NOT RESIST) I moved over to the alternate lane and ALL that were behind me attempting to pass got behind this truck and remained behind him until the beltway unable to pass…I chuckled.

We all seem in life we are screwed in some form…work, relationships, etc…well you are NEVER really screwed until stuck at 40 miles in a 65 mph lane behind this guy…Make it a happy day Ya’ll!!


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