Monday, April 25, 2011

A Bicycle Made For TWO!

"We will go tandem As man and wife, Daisy, Daisy! Peddling away Down the road of life, I and my Daisy Bell on A Bicycle Made For Two!"

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to spread the joy of our new addition!

With Summer fast approaching, The walks to the park are already tiring and hot and make for a loooooong walk back. We do not belong to a gym but the doctors are really encouraging Mike to get out and exercise to build muscle and keep his heart healthy!

Sooooo, browsing Craig's List, we came across this beauty and brought her home tonight :) We are super excited and we have already broke her in as we rode to the park when we got home!! We got a few stares and double takes, but all worth it when we saw those pearly whites -- and not to mention the huge grin Mike had as we trolled around our neighborhood!

Mike remains feeling good and we are hoping with our new "girl" we will get the exercise we need and enjoy the time together doing something we both love!

Wishing You all a wonderful night and many happy days ahead!

XO Lyndie

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If I Only Had A (Clean Brain) – I DO!

Hi Everyone! GOD remains Good!!

Mikes Brain and Spine MRI came back once again clean!! We are awaiting a schedule for PET Scan soon and we will update you all soon of that!

Love You ALL and thank you for continued prayers -- they are working!

Xoxo Lyndie

Monday, April 18, 2011

Just a Small Update

“The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart - Nikolai Lenin”

Hi Everyone!

It has been a little while and though I do not update daily – I do use my blog a lot for just everyday going ons, to ensure I don’t bombard you with emails other than Mike’s updates…

Mike and I hope you are all doing well  All is going well in The Charnock household, just getting ready for Easter Break and looking forward to time with Family and Friends!

Mike remains to feel good with minimal side effects. We spent the weekend at the Lake a weekend ago, and we had not laughed so hard as we did that weekend. Mike at one point, looked over at me and said “You know, I have not thought of Cancer one time this weekened”. Of course I was thrilled to hear that. Cancer has become just a part of our daily life, and though we do not dwell upon it and sulk, we cant help but have in the back of our heads – so it was fun for one weekend to not have it in the midst of our thoughts as we enjoyed time with Family and roasted Hotdogs.

Mike will undergo a Brain / Spine MRI this week and results will be given on Thursday – So I will ensure to email you all with updates as to those results. We continue to pray for continued healing and that every report will come back free and clear as we continue to attack the lungs with GOD’s Grace and Treatment. We are awaiting the schedule for his PET Scan which should be around the corner soon. With the treatments levels being reduced, they are confident he is on the continued road of healing, so the appointments have spread out drastically! (Praise GOD!) For I know Mike is happy and he continues to be back at work Part-time enjoying getting back into the swing of it all.

As always, we continue to have such gratitude for you Family and Friends for all of your prayers, kind words, messages and emails. Believe me, they continue to be felt each and every day, ALL Day! We love you all beyond belief and just ask that you continue to keep our Family in prayers for all aspects – GOD remains oh so good and know he is working on ALL parts of our life!

Much Love to you ALL till next Time -- Lyndie

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to take a minute to say a thing or two.

My blog consists of many good posts and some recently not negative, but focused on stressing how important it is to forgive, love one another and coming to terms with just being happy with yourself.

Though the posts are far from negative, I do want to stress that in the midst of all that is going on with Mike and I and his battle with Cancer, GOD remains number one in our lives…PERIOD.

Love of family and friends is so very important, but without GOD in your life (no matter what the relationship you have with HIM), without that relationship --- I do not feel you can truly be complete. Granted, this is my belief, not the belief of all others, but this is something that Mike and I feel very strongly about.

Mike and I have had our lives completely take a 180 degree turn since his diagnosis. We were planning to buy a home, plan a family and so many other things, but at this time a lot of those dreams have been placed on hold. This we know now, is the plan that GOD has for us and though in the beginning we were pissed, angry, confused and in denial --- this disease has brought us closer than ever before and though we have turmoil that we still deal with, the one thing we can always have complete trust and faith in is the Love that GOD has for us. He has not put us on a path that he does not have complete confidence in that we can handle and overcome. For this I am thankful…PERIOD.

As I strive daily to be uplifting with my words, my blog, emails and just all aspects of my life, I do have struggles and adversity that I pray to rise above daily. With GOD’s love, I am able to rise far above it and though the enemy hates this and continues to pull me / us down --- GOD’s plan is simple….Have complete faith and trust and I will guide you through the rough waters…PERIOD.

In closing, know that GOD loves you. Though GOD may not be YOUR thing – You are his thing…PERIOD.

XO Lyndie

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We Get Knocked Down AND We Get Up Again

Wow, it has been busy the past few days. A lot of work happenings and a lot going on with family as well. All things good (Praise GOD). It seems the stronger our faith is, the less the negative is able to affect us.

This past weekend, Mike was asked by some friends from work to share his testimony at their church. It was for a youth group, and the response and support that was received and felt, Mike was so proud and honored to have been a part of this. We met a lot of youths that reminded us that just years ago, we were in their shoes and facing the same struggles as they are and the most important thing for you to have during these times is GOD and to never lose sight of what he has done, is doing and is going to do.

As for me, I have been offered a new position with my company that will take me away from Beautiful Downtown Houston, but offer much stability in this ever changing Real Estate Market. My current building is for sale and will be under contract soon and with no guarantee that we will continue management on it, the VP of my company offered me a position at a really nice building in the River Oaks area. I am really excited for the opportunity, new scenery and the continued education I will receive to add to my profile.

I received an email today and was reminded "Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble - Psalm 119:165” How true is this in our daily lives? Does it ever feel as though sometimes things are just going so very well, maybe almost too well and BOOM, something happens to instill doubt, fear, unwanted anxiety in your mind? These thoughts can be stumbling blocks to you along your path if you allow them. It goes onto say “the enemy has strategically placed all kinds of stumbling blocks in our paths. When we make the Word of God our number one priority, it helps us to move forward with our eyes wide open. His Word lights our path and helps us see clearly where to step”.Mike and I have had and we continue to have “stumbling blocks” thrown in our path by the enemy, yet with our hearts and a mind focused, GOD remains first and does continue to light our path to ensure we may stumble, but we are surely not to fall.

Family and Friends, as I have said before, GOD does not ask much from us. He asks of us to be faithful and put complete trust in him throughout our days. He asks that when we have doubts or struggles, that we come to him and know that he only wants the best for us. He knows the paths we are set upon and he knows the enemy will use all means to attack us on our spiritual path – ALL Means.

I can advise you just from personal experience and it stands so true…Do not seek to hurt the ones that hurt you – pray for them…pray hard and hope that they are praying for you as well.

XO Lyndie