Monday, September 6, 2010

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Well in our case, Follow The Green Blocked Carpet...

You know when you arrive at MD Anderson, you are definitely NOT in Kansas anymore. MD Anderson alone employs 28,000 (plus) people! That is an entire city...actually larger than some cities. The times I have been there with Mike, it has been a continuous hustle and bustle and it seems we have been going from appointment to appointment - following the signs all around that direct you to which floor and which elevator (Which after spending a few days there...I will NEVER try to take the elevator of my choice -- they direct you for a reason!) Well the day after Mike's surgery, he had visitors throughout the day and night. The second night of Mike's stay some friends of ours were leaving and I had not seen them in a while, so I opted to walk them to the entrance they came in that lead to their garage. As we were walking being that everything had shut down for the night, it all really looked the same so we stopped a security guard we came across and asked him if we were headed the right way -- he simply said this..."Follow The Green Carpet with the Dark Green Blocks -- those paths always lead to somewhere specific that patients can access." Wow how smart is that? Simply "Follow The Green Blocked Carpet" and you are sure to find your way.

I had never really looked at MD Anderson any different than a huge network of hospitals that heal -- but now it may sound funny, but I think of it as The Great OZ! You know the place...The place The Scarecrow went to get a Brain, The Place where the Tin Man went to get a Heart, The place where the Cowardly Lion found Courage and The place that Dorothy Learned so much and Found a way home, back to Kansas away from the Black Forest that was so scary and she was healed from the negative that consumed her -- though we don't have red slippers, we do have GOD to ensure that instead of tapping our Heels 3 times -- we just continue to believe, pray and Praise him for it all, trust and know that as we give it all to him -- we soon enough will be back 'In Kansas' -- Back to our normal.

That same night after Mike went to bed I had read all the magazines and didn't want to disturb Mike with the TV, so I decided to take a tour using the Green Blocked Carpet and see what I would find. I finally made it down to the Main Entrance and sat in the lobby. It was so quite - there were no valets speeding around wheeling people to their cars. There were no Doctors speeding through the halls with their white coats and blackberries rushing to their next appointments and surgeries. There were no visitors coming through with flowers and balloons asking for room locations to rush a bouquet to offer a patient a smile. It was complete quiet. I sat there and watched the security guard type away a text to someone and from the conversation she had had a few minutes before, she was going out to the club and meeting her man for a drink then out with the gals! I watched an elderly couple coming down and waited for a taxi -- I overheard them tell the security guard they had been there all day doing tests and a treatment and they were just now going to their hotel until tomorrow -- they were from out of state. I saw 2 Doctors and a Nurse chatting away as they headed to the 24/7 coffee shop discussing today's events and Doctor talk .

Sitting there I had a lot of time to think and know that even though our lives have already changed, they will continue to change as we move forward as Mike receives treatments and as hard as I pray that he will react greatly to this as he did his surgery (OMG! I still cannot believe he was home within 48 hours of Brain Surgery) that it may not be that easy, and our days at MD Anderson are not over anytime soon. I also sat there so thankful that Mike and I live only 15 minutes away from MD Anderson -- once he does start to receive treatment we will get to come home to our own home, he will be in his own bed - what a Blessing to have all of this at our fingertips and literally in our backyard.

During our stay also, I met a couple that was in the room right next to Mike. I had met the patients wife while waiting during Mike's surgery and she was allot like me. New to all of this. It was just her and her husband and their cat at home. I reached out to her, I could tell she was nervous and scared just like I was -- just like I am. I had a great talk with her and prayed with her the night before Mike was released to go home. She said since surgery her husband had not walked, talked nor been able to use the restroom. Of course I did not know the answers, nor did I know what exactly to say -- Mike was up and walking the morning after surgery - We were so blessed. I grabbed her hand and asked her to pray with me -- we prayed for her husband, we prayed for her and her family and let GOD know at this time it was beyond any of our control and she must give it to GOD. We chatted a little while longer while Mike went to do his MRI and then we went to bed. The next morning as they were coming in and out of Mikes room prepping to release him, we looked out the door and her husband was up and walking with assistance!! Wow!! She passed by our room and gave a thumbs up -- Our GOD is so Good!! I hugged her as we left and ensured her to never give up belief and trust for our GOD for He made it possible for my husband to be at home and sleep in our bed soon within 48 hours! Sunday we were able to go to church and enjoy a great message and see our new church family -- it was a true Blessing!

In all I know that the journey is far from over -- though it feels like we have been on this 'Yellow Brick Road' for so long now, it has only begun! I continue to pray everyday for instilled strength for My Husband and all that he is about to endure - I continue to pray that GOD heals him from Head to Toe daily. I continue to pray for my own strength, it is already hard - I am facing emotions I never have before - I am fighting battles I have never fought --- I am scared but I know that I will be OK -- I know my Family will be OK -- we ALL will be OK!

In times like this I am realizing how EASY it is to have the feeling of defeat and lose the Positive disposition that I always maintain -- Just as the Devil is working Over-Time to ensure that I feel pain, defeat and sorrow -- I know GOD is working twice as hard with an army of Angels and Warriors to make sure that we are not defeated nor feel pain. With all this I also know that GOD has chosen Mike for a reason -- he has chosen our Family for a reason. I continue to pray everyday that GOD continues to work through us and everyone sees his daily works and in this maybe their faith is restored. I hope they see how great GOD is and how with the Power of Prayer and Faith anything is possible and as we have been told, this IS HIS plan, and I hope he continues to work through us -- it is amazing and I feel truly blessed that we were chosen for this Battle!

I thank you ALL that continue to follow us along this Daily Journey - and ask that never feelings of sadness be felt for us, yet feelings of joy that we were chosen and we are being used daily in peoples lives, not only our own but people near and far! What a Blessing! The prayers continue to work, so keep them coming!!