Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Devil Went Down to Houston

By now all of you know that Mike was diagnosed with a cancer – at this point from his biopsy we the diagnosis is Lung cancer. Within one week our life has completely changed. I never imagined at our age this is something we would face in our household. I do know however, I can sulk and feel defeated but that is just not me!! The Devil has made his way to Houston – it is not a Golden Fiddle we are fighting for, it is Mike’s future – and as the old song goes “I told you once you Son of a B****, GOD is the BEST there’s ever been!”

About 2 weeks ago Mike went in for a physical. All checked out well except for an enlarged lymphnode that we noticed within a month has swollen and not gone down. After he received results back from his Dr. he pointed out the concern for the lymph nodes and was ordered to get an MRI for further investigation. When the results came back, there was major concern for what it looked like was Mike was facing possible lymphoma. At that moment I felt as though my stomach completely dropped and I had just seen a ghost. Our Dr. immediately called an ENT and we were in the next day to meet with a Dr. whom could examine and provide us with the next direction. Within minutes, we had an appointment at Methodist for a biopsy of the lymph node for Friday. As Friday approached we went to the Dr. and a biopsy was performed on the lymphnode of concern. After a few “Texas Sized Mosquito Bites” as the Dr. described…cells were removed and on their way to be examined to determine what we were facing…the days until the diagnosis seemed like forever!

In the meantime (so thankful for family so close) Mike’s sister and family invited us to their beach house for some Vitamin D and relaxation to ease Mike’s mind. It worked! We shopped Galveston (and welcomed 3 new family members to The Suter Bunch) Rockin, Spidey & Herman – Hermet Crabs The Boys purchased on the Boardwalk. We spent time at the pool, enjoyed some YUMMO Burgers and Fixins at The Purple Cow (in Freeport) – HIGHLY recommended if in the area! We made our way back to Houston and relaxed the rest of the weekend awaiting the week ahead and Mike’s results.

Monday came and what seemed like the loooooooooooooooooongest day ever, we received results that afternoon and the diagnosis – Lung Cancer. I know the first thought I should have had “This is one of the leading causes of death” not me! I cried and got it out – I immediately updated everyone and the prayers continued and Prayer Warriors (as my cousin calls them) started in and they continue to grow daily! I woke up yesterday with a Complete Calmness over me – it was as if GOD at that moment was allowing my body and soul to feel EVERY Prayer, EVERY Uplifting Spirit and His work – to ensure me that I must have peace at this time and know without at doubt that Mike is going to beat this – No doubt it may be a fight and there may be feelings of heartache and there are going to be tears – But to NOT Doubt him and his Power EVER! The BIBLE says “Be STRONG & COURAGEous; DO NOT Be Terrified; DO NOT Be Discouraged, LORD OUR GOD WILL Be With US Wherever WE Go! Joshua 1:9”

So that brings us to today. Our teams of Dr’s thus far are TRULY GOD sent! We within one week have had a biopsy along with results and ALREADY have an appointment with MD Anderson tomorrow! The meeting with MD Anderson is a consultation where we will meet our team of Drs and Nurses – They will determine whether or not more testing is needed and from there will configure with Mike and their team as to what treatment he will receive to rid him of this disease.

My Uncle called me last night and read me this verse “When YOU Pass Through Waters, I WILL Be With You; When YOU Pass Through Rivers, They WILL NOT Sweep Over You; When YOU Walk Through The Fire, YOU WILL NOT Be Burned - Isaiah 43:2” I know the road ahead we will face High waters and uncontrollable rivers, but in Our Hearts GOD lies along with all prayers that are being said for Mike, Me and our family, we will surely stay afloat!

I will use my blog to keep you all posted and provide updates along with Facebook and emails as well. We love you ALL – and thankful to have such an Amazing Team of Family, Friends and Prayer Warriors seeing us through this journey!