Thursday, February 25, 2010


As 2010 has rolled in and not slowed down at all and I start to realize I’m going on my 31st year of being here I skim through my play list and reflect on the song that you just cant help but sing to, even if your not a Country Music fan (even though I know we all have a little in us)

Tim McGraw belts out “Hey my next thirty years I’m gonna have some fun, Try to forget about all the crazy things I’ve done , Maybe now I’ve conquered all my adolescent fears , And I’ll do it better in my next thirty years”

What a GREAT verse – except for one thing (for me at least) I don’t want to forget about ALL the crazy things I have done – it is what has made me, well ME! Lord knows all to well I have done my share of the crazies – but yet I choose not to FORGET them – WHY? Do you notice that not one thing that you have done is forgotten…I’m serious. I’ve learned in my 30 years – “FEAR LESS, REGRET NOTHING” and by that I take that I walk into each and everyday fearless and know that I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be – and I have been where I was supposed to GO and I am headed where I am I am supposed to be GOING. How refreshing!

Back to 2010 and MY next 30 years – I am anxious to “Keep on Keeping On” and remember “Life’s a Garden – Dig IT!” (Thanks Joe Di-rte’) I sure have come so far with my Husband, Family & have amazing Friends who I wouldn’t trade for A Million Dollar Gift card from Fallas Parades ;) GOD has showed myself & Family unconditional LOVE & Blessed us in ways that 6 years ago working for “The Devil (who wore) an Elastic Wasteband, Partying HARD EVERY night, feeling that I was not EVER going to Escape the life I was leading and the life I was leading was leading me into a dead-end nowhere, as though I felt…BUT By The GRACE of GOD I have traveled, seen MUCH and have learned that those trials have made me the STRONG , Conditioned, Humble person I am today - So I have NO Regrets – and I hope that EVERYONE has that peace – It feels oh SO good!

As I have said before as well, I’m So OVER 2009 & Feeling so 2000-Fine, but yet again thankful for what that year brought into my life and thankful for A LOT that it took out.

As I look on and forward into MY Next 30 years --- I am TRULY Excited to what it has to offer. I’ve decided rather wake up everyday and look at it as a “Monday” or a “Wednesday” and even as good as it feels “A Friday” – I choose to wake UP EVERYDAY and know It’s “GOD’s DAY!”

Hope you all are being treated well in 2010 and have MUCH Positive Energy filled with Daily Inspiration, No matter what form it comes in! As I always wish to YOU ALL – May you have Internal Sunshine, a Play-list in your Head that is RAD-ASS and the ability to Do Kart-Wheels and Back-Flips down your Hallways, through your home or Just in your Head!