Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MY Very OWN Firework!

Tomorrow (July 3) Mike and I would have simply celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. I loved that he was a simple man. Rather than getting dolled up and hitting the town dressed to the nines…we threw on some swim trunks/swim suits an...d flops, loaded the dogs up and hit the best fishing hole and enjoyed naps on the boat.

I’ll never forget the night of the proposal, the moonlight, the song and the compassion in his words. I will never forget the phone call asking me to meet him on the courthouse steps because a big wedding is not what we wanted --- Him, I and the JP is all we needed. That day, we took our vows, he swung me around as we left and walked down the courthouse steps – simple.

Mike had a zest for life that many can only hope for…even in the midst of adversity. I was so fortunate along with all who knew him, to know the soul within him…NEVER in my life did I expect to wake up to my Best Friend EVERY morning, and the next grabbing for him in the middle of the night and only finding the empty side of the bed.

With ALL this said, have NO sympathy for me…ONLY smiles! I experienced the MOST Amazing, Genuine Love I ever have! A love that we ALL deserve in our lifetime…at least ONCE. A Love that EVEN at your WEAKEST Moment, You feel You can take on the world! A Love that just with a simple glance across a crowded room you both WERE the only ones there and time did stop!

As this date approaches, just as ALL special dates…birthdays, the FIRST kiss, the FIRST I LOVE YOU, the FIRST picture being hung in our home, the FIRST night in our home surrounded by boxes, the FIRST Holiday…each FIRST I will cherish just as I Cherish Our LAST…Our LAST Kiss, Our LAST Holiday, Our LAST I LOVE YOU…

I remain SO extremely blessed to have had ALL of this, so for this Anniversary, I can only raise my glass to Mike --- a man that Showed me SO much, Loved me SO hard and Left me with a Smile!!!

“Experts on romance say for a HAPPY marriage there has to be MORE than a passionate love, For a LASTING union, they INSIST, there MUST be a genuine LIKING for each other - Which, in my book, is a good definition for FRIENDSHIP - Marilyn Monroe”
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