Thursday, April 30, 2009


This my first blog EVER! I love to write and for sure knew this was going to be someng that I would love and also offer a sort of therapy for my soul.

I first want to acknowledge a few people that inspire me and for that I dedicate my first blog to them… GOD, Mike (my best friend and husband), My mom, Maggie, C-RAD & Lyvia. These people all have came into my life at different tmes, but will forever be in my hear!

My personal life has been a total rollercoaster the past year — alot of ties from the past cut, alot of new beginnings and the ability to recognize how far I have come in my 29 (almost 30) years and how truly blessed I am. I’m not sure at times what exactly my purpose is here on earth - don’t get me wrong I in know way mean that as a negative — just sometimes wonder, it wasn’t exactly sugar & spice and everything nice that has gone into my ingredients when created!

It hasn't necessarily taken me these 30 years to figureit out, I learn along the way and with each experience I know my reasons for being here, meeting the people I do, letting those people go, holding on to those certain ones and then the ones that I meet everyday. These people may wonder the same thing about themselves - “Why am I here”?, “What is my purpose”? If you ever catch yourself wondering that and you are reading this - you obviously know me and this is the reason you are here! You are a part of my life…past, present or future. For that I thank you!

I am thankful each day that I wake up and I hope you are too!!